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My Vegan Story… Ruby Kruiniger

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My Vegan Story... Ruby Kruiniger

Hello, I'm Ruby Kruiniger.  If I were to describe my vegan journey in 3 words, those would be: delicious, inspirational and awesome. There are so many reasons why those 3 words describe the process perfectly, but I’ll just start at the beginning.

​I’ve always kind of known what it meant to be vegan. I was vegetarian for 1.5 years as a teenager and I sort of knew this girl who was vegan, but I never really researched it. It wasn’t until I wrote about three different ‘diets’ for my blog that I looked up the vegan diet.

I came across Freelee the Banana Girl on YouTube, but I didn’t like her style. I liked that she was spreading the message on such a powerful platform, but I didn’t agree with her ways of doing so. BUT because I came across her video, YouTube suggested videos of other vegan YouTubers to me. I started watching those (mainly Essena O’neill and Bonnyrebecca) and I loved them. I found these girls and their videos so inspiring! Especially Essena somehow really got to me. I looked up vegan recipes and other vegan things. One day I woke up and thought to myself: from now on, I’m going to do it.

​The Vegan Diet... 

My Vegan Story: Ruby Kruiniger - Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Though I kind of made the decision overnight, that doesn’t mean I went fully vegan in one time. I used to say that I made ‘the switch’ to veganism, but now that I look back at it, it was actually that I made ‘the transition’ to becoming a vegan.

  • Within the first week I had a cheese sandwich when having lunch because I felt pressured into having it by ‘my friend’.
  • Within the first week I had a chicken pasta dish when eating out because there wasn’t anything vegan or vegetarian on the menu and I didn’t have the balls to ask for modifications.
Oomph, my tummy did not thank me for that!

​I wasn’t fully vegan until last January. I still occasionally ate cheese, cream and fish. Cheese because I had mad cravings for it, cream because there wasn’t anything on restaurant menus without it and fish because I didn’t feel ready to not have that yet. Other than that, I ate completely vegan. Now that I’ve tried all different recipes, I’m having the most amazing meals I’ve ever had in my life! Going vegan really changed my nutrient intake for the better as well.

​The Vegan Lifestyle...

My Vegan Story: Ruby Kruiniger - Pesto Rolls

You might have noticed I’ve only talked about the eating part of being vegan until now. That’s because that was my main focus when going vegan: eating healthier. Eating a plant-based diet helped me a lot! I haven’t felt as great as I did when I first went vegan, EVER!

I started watching documentaries on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Not only does a vegan lifestyle benefit your own health, it’s also beneficial for the animals and the environment. When I got more into that, I started to eat less cheese, cream and fish until I didn’t want it anymore. Documentaries like Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, Cowspiracy and Forks over knives really inspired me.

​Slowly but surely I’m replacing all my non-vegan things, like clothes, shoes, bags and cosmetics, with vegan alternatives. Most of my clothes and shoes are already vegan, and I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my non-vegan things by giving them to charity.

​The Struggle...

​I love to tell people that it’s so easy to be vegan, because it is! Now that I know exactly what I will and won’t eat and what I do and don’t like, it’s so easy to for example make a meal for myself. I love to cook and I’m quite the foodie. The ‘struggle’ with my lifestyle really starts with other people.

​That may sound mean, but it’s what I’ve found to be true. I’ve found myself defending myself and my choices to other people a lot. I don’t mind explaining myself, although that can get annoying as well sometimes, but it really is when people are somehow offended by me telling them I live a certain way that I struggle with.

Also, when other people cook for me and I have to tell them what I will and won’t eat is when I somehow feel so bad. They are used to cooking a certain way with certain products and here I am with my wishes and demands. That can be so hard. Especially in restaurants. Cook my vegetables in oil instead of butter, no I can’t have pesto or honey-mustard dressing on my salad.

My Vegan Story: Ruby Kruiniger - Crispy Tofu Burger With Mushroom Gravy

​When it’s just me, this lifestyle is so easy and it gives me energy and it makes me happy. When others are involved is when it gets difficult, but I’ve found that going about it in a positive way is when you get the best results. I’ve had a couple of friends tell me they’re thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan and I love that! It means that I was able to inspire and inform others and they took me seriously. It gives me hope that more people might go vegan.

​Last thing I want to say is this: it doesn’t matter how hard it sometimes gets, remember why you chose this lifestyle and be proud of yourself for having done so.

You are amazing for making a choice that is not understood by all, has amazing benefits for animals and the environment and that can be a struggle when meeting or talking to new people. Just remember the strength and inspiration you get from it.

That’s what I love most about being vegan: feeling like I’m making a difference with my daily choices and enjoying the most awesome, delicious and cruelty-free food!

More About Ruby Kruiniger...

My Vegan Story: Ruby Kruiniger

​This was written by Ruby Kruiniger, who writes for her own blog on Justwonderstyle. She writes about everything she is passionate about: (mental) health, life and of course veganism and vegan recipes. By writing about these things she hopes to inspire and motivate others to live a happy and healthy life. Other than that, she simply has a passion for writing in general, Harry Potter and making to do lists.

Where You Can Connect With Ruby Kruiniger...

​Her Blog... www.JustWonderStyle.com

Twitter... @rubymanuela

​Instagram... rubymanuela

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