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Noodles & Company Is Vegan Friendly And Totally Yummy!

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Noodles & Company Review 005 CollageWe weren’t originally heading to Noodles & Company.

But as we walked down the street I saw the menu they had on the wall or window (can’t quite remember which now,) and I thought they looked delicious.

Noodle’s glorious delicious noodles!

Not to mention that half the stuff was at least vegetarian in nature and they had the easy possibility to substitute Tofu for any of the more meaty things there.

So, my Boyfriend (and carnivore) asked me if that sounded better then where we were heading, (A tex mex place!) and upon my excited nod we trotted inside.

It smelled good, the inside was so open and airy that it eased my anxiety, large windows that allowed you to look out onto the streets, as well as a nice little area to dine outside.

Something you should know.  Noodles & Company prides itself on attempting to satisfy the pickiest of eaters.  They welcome special orders.

Noodles & Company
Welcomes Special Orders!

In fact, all dishes and sandwiches are made to order so many of them could easily be made into vegan dishes by substituting organic tofu for the meat or leaving off the cheese and or cream.

Sadly none of their soups are strictly vegan.  The Thai Curry Soup looks to be vegan from the ingredients list but when you visit the company website they say there is milk of some sort in it.  You’ll have to make your own decision if this small noodles-and-company-indonesian-peanut-sautepotential amount of dairy is an issue for you.

But I have it on good authority that the soups are yummy!  My Boyfriend ordered a bowl of Chicken Noodle, with extra chicken, naturally.  I did warn you he was a carnivore.

They also had some rather impressive looking salads and sandwiches.  To be honest, they had such a great selection that I stood there for about five minutes trying to decide what to get.

Luckily Noodles & Company understands their customers “Need To Know” and provide a little list of ingredients under each dish.

They even add little symbols letting us know whether something was spicy or vegetarian.  A little pepper that looks like a jalapeno for spicy.  The more peppers the hotter the dish.  And a nice little ‘V’ for vegetarian friendly.

There Are 15 Vegetarian Dishes On The Menu… I Counted!

noodles-and-company-japanese-pan-noodlesUnfortunately they didn’t have a sign for vegan friendly, but it was rather easy to determine if something met up to your eating practices via looking at the little panels of the ingredients.

With a little digging on their website after I got home I found that there are 9 menu items that Noodles & Company offer up as strictly vegan.  They include…



  • Indonesian Peanut Sauté
  • Japanese Pan Noodles
  • Chinese Chop Salad with no wontons
  • Penne Rosa without cream and cheese
  • Pasta Fresco without cheese
  • whole Grain Tuscan Linguine without cream and cheese
  • Spaghetti with Marinara without cheese
  • Cucumber Tomato Salad
  • Tossed Green Side Salad with balsamic vinaigrette

You could pick a small size or a regular size of whatever your main dish was, be it noodles or soup.  Now I’m going to say, the small that my Boyfriend and I got, was not actually very small at all! It was big enough that I ended up taking some home with me.

And I did notice that they did not appear to have a children’s menu, or sizes, so if you were going there with a family I’d probably be prepared to take some home if your youngster doesn’t eat a lot.

Now this is so great it’s worth repeating.  You can add or substitute organic tofu in place of meat in any dish!noodles-and-company-pad-thai  

That’s what I did with the stroganoff.  I subbed out the steak for tofu and it was AMAZING!

And whilst I realize this dish isn’t strictly vegan, my anxiety was acting up and I didn’t want something that was totally unfamiliar! So I did made it vegetarian and went on.

I think it’s important to remember to take care of yourself while being as responsible as possible, and if you can’t make all the choices you’d like, just remember to try and do better in the future.  No sense in beating yourself up.

We went and picked out our own table, they had chairs, tall spinney stools and booths, I’m not sure if they had highchairs for the little ones, I didn’t ask I’ll be honest.

But the food was brought out to us, fresh made and hot, the drink selection was amazing, you took a cup and they had a drink machine that was a touchscreen and you could pick from a VERY large variety of drinks. And next to it was the usual straw’s and napkins, but they also had chopsticks and lovely little wax lined cardboard takeout containers.

So overall I’d say this place was very good, it was vegetarian friendly, vegan friendly, and carnivore friendly. It had a little something for everyone and the food was well made. I’ll be going back and I’d certainly drag a friend with me and have them try it.


Review by, RagingDaffodil



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