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Nutribullet vs Blender: A Vegan Lifestyle Review!

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Nutribullet vs Blender! Step right up folks and get a good seat because today we are going to discuss which of these tools is better for your vegan kitchen and lifestyle? Let’s face it, unless you plan to be a “peanut butter’n jelly vegan”, you’ll be wanting a GOOD blender so you can properly prepare all those delicious plant based foods that are going to keep you healthy and save you tons of money at the grocery store.

Before we get started it should be noted that by “blender” we mean a high powered blender like a Blendtec, Vitamix or Breville otherwise there is just no comparison at all. You can ask anyone you like and they’ll tell you there is just no way an ordinary blender like a Hamilton Beach or Oster that you can pick up at your local big box store will do anything like what a Nitribullet can. So don’t waste your time or money to find this out. We did that for you.

What’s The Difference Between A Nutribullet And A Blender?

Basically the Nutribullet is a simple, personal size, high power blender. The biggest difference between it and it’s higher cost brethren is size. It’s much easier to pack a huge blending punch if you are only blending a couple of cups instead of a couple of quarts. You see your Nutribullet’s tall cup holds a max of 3 cups whereas the Blendtec pitcher holds 3 quarts.

So Which Size Is Better?

Well, honestly, it depends on what you are wanting to make. If you are planning on making carrot soup and need to blend up a large pot of cooked carrots, a large capacity pitcher like the one on the Blendtec will make short work of the job. It would be a pain to do that with a Nutribullet. And you’d have to let it cool first because you aren’t supposed to put hot liquids into a Nutribullet.  So for large jobs a traditional high power blender works best.

On the other hand if you are making smoothies for a bunch of people a Nutribullet may work better for you. Now don’t get me wrong, a Blendtec or other high power blender can make a mean smoothie with no lumps but you will have to get everyone in your family to agree to consume the same smoothie for breakfast. If you can do that every day, you sure can whip one up in your blender then divvy it up in next to no time.

However, if your kids are like mine, getting them to agree with you on what should go into the morning smoothie is nearly impossible. This is where the Nutribullet shines! Because each person can have their own cup, tall or short to blend in and drink from, they can each design their own perfect smoothie. This keeps the peace in my home most mornings and gets nutritious fruits & veggies into all of us.

In addition, if you are pureeing ingredients before adding them to a soup or other dish, the Nutribullet does that just fine. It also, makes short work of such things as pureeing beans for hummus, fruit for dressings and so on. It also comes with a “milling blade” that is AWESOME for grinding flax seeds, wheat berries or almonds into meal or flour. Talk about FRESH flour! Make it just before you whip it up into a batch of pancakes!

Cleanup is pretty much the same with both. One set of blades and one cup per person with the Nutribullet vs the blender pitcher and one glass per person with one of the high power blenders.

What’s With All This Extraction Nonsense? Is That Something Different Than Blending?

No, the makers of the Nutribullet call it an extractor to differentiate it from the other blenders in its price range. But basically what you are doing is HIGH POWER BLENDING on a small scale. Blenders are supposed to pulverize what you put into the container. And that is exactly what the Nutribullet does.

If you are new to truly cooking your own food vs heating already made foods you may be wondering why on earth anyone would pay $100 or more for a blender. Even though I cooked most of my meals from scratch before I went vegan I wondered that very thing.

The truth is if the only thing you ever plan to put into your blender is ice cream (like we did in our pre-vegan days) then you don’t need more than something you can pick up at any big box store. If however, you want to make nutricious plant based meals you’ll be needing to puree a great many things such as beans, beets, carrots and so on. An ordinary blender just can’t handle such things even if they are cooked, much less in their raw state.

Nutribullet vs Blender? Which Do We Recommend?

Both actually. If you’re going to be cooking a lot of yummy vegan foods eventually you’ll want to have a big blender and a Nutribullet.  But if money is tight for you, like it is for us, then we say go with the Nutribullet first. You can get a feel for what a high power blender can do for you. Then save your pennies and get a larger version once you know what you need it to do.

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