6 Vegan Popsicle Recipes For The Whole Family

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Vegan Popsicle Recipes

As a kid, a huge part of summer was making popsicles with my family.  So, with summer approaching, I thought I'd search out some vegan popsicle recipes!  I couldn't believe how many cool recipes I'd found, just stuff I'd never have thought about throwing together!  

Certainly not together in a popsicle.  I can see how they are all going to be really delicious though, and I can't wait to start trying all these different vegan popsicle recipes!

Vegan Fudgsicles

Vegan Popsicle Recipes - Vegan Fudgsicles

What kid doesn't like fudgsicles?  I mean, seriously!  I don't think I've ever met a kid (or adult for that matter) who dislikes these yummy creamy, chocolately goodies.  This recipe from the blog A Lovely Side Project uses avocados and cacao powder to get that tasty, creamy fudge consistency we all know and want.  Brilliant, right?

Green Tea Coconut Popsicles

Vegan Popsicle Recipes - Green Tea Coconut Popsicles

This recipe uses full fat coconut milk and matcha to make a really creamy, sweet, aromatic and vaguely grassy popsicle.  I haven't had a chance to personally try matcha in much of anything, but I've heard such good things about it and I'm really quite obsessed with tea in general.  Which means this just went up towards the top of "things to try" for this summer.  The gal over at 40 Aprons really did a great job with this one!

Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles (Vegan)

Vegan Popsicle Recipes - Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles (Vegan)

Alright, this one is for all you coffee nerds out there.  Though I might not personally be much of a coffee person, even I can see how this would be really tasty and refreshing on a hot day.  Who knows, maybe these popsicles will be what converts me from a tea freak to a coffee nerd.  Only time will tell!  Either way, there's no denying the awesome woman over at Food, Pleasure and Health really did a great job with this vegan popsicle recipe.

Creamy Dulce De Leche Pops

Vegan Popsicle Recipes - Creamy Dulce De Leche Pops

This is another yummy recipe for when you're wanting a creamy, sweet treat.  Dates make for a delicious caramel-like swirl, they are sweet and a bit salty.  Plus, they can be family friendly for you and the kids, or, if you want to be daring or have an "adults only" evening, you could throw in a little bit of bourbon for an extra kick.  The Minimalist Baker really outdid herself with this one!

Thai Basil Watermelon Popsicles

Vegan Popsicle Recipes - Thai Basil Watermelon Popsicles

I think these watermelon popsicles from Eat Within Your Means are more along the lines of what we think of when talking about making popsicles at home.  At least, they are what comes to MY mind.  Granted, we used to make popsicles out of koolaid when I was just a wee little thing.  Anyway!  These might look a bit more like traditional "homemade" popsicles, but they have their own twist to them!  I never would have thought to combine thai basil with watermelon!  Go figure.

Almond Butter Banana Popsicles

Vegan Popsicle Recipes - Almond Butter Banana Popsicles

Here's a good, healthy popsicle recipe for you and the kids!  They'll also make decent snacks too, so you can just grab them out of the freezer in a pinch.  Almond butter, bananas, you can add in some cocoa powder if you'd really like as well!  The lady over at Delish Knowledge really did a great job coming up with these yummy snackable treats!

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If you have some vegan popsicle recipes that you really enjoy, or try one of these recipes and really like it (or not) please let us know in the comments below or on twitter @TheVeganBanana!

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Stunning Vegan Women’s Running Shoes Provide Cruelty Free Performance!

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These lovely vegan women's running shoes prove you don't have to sacrifice your ethics for fashion, comfort or performance.

With summer sprinting towards us, we here at Vegan Banana continue our leap into the realm of sportswear with vegan women's running shoes!  Last week we covered men's running shoes and had some pretty good finds.

There is some crossover here from that post, some of these shoes are the women's versions of that particular kind of shoe.  So, if you saw something you liked from last week it might just be in here!​

Alright, lets get going, and this time it's all about the ladies.​  

Olukai Women's 'Eleu Trainer Shoe

These lovely vegan women's running shoes prove you don't have to sacrifice your ethics for fashion, comfort or performance.

This is a fairly durable "do anything" kind of shoe.  It fairs well in everyday situations, at the gym, hiking, or out running.  The Olukai Women's 'Eleu Trainer Shoe is simply a nice, well rounded shoe.  They also are designed to dry quickly, so if you are out running through the trails and end up crossing a stream, you aren't going to be miserable and soggy for long.

These lovely vegan women's running shoes prove you don't have to sacrifice your ethics for fashion, comfort or performance.

Merrell has made a really nice vegan running shoe with this one.  It works nicely for both flat surfaces like roads and rougher terrain, so if you're wanting to run trails this particular shoe should have you covered.  I've also read that it's simply an all around great shoe for hiking.  The mesh upper is really breathable, so your feet aren't going to get to hot or sweaty.

Merrell Women's Pace Glove 3 Shoe

These lovely vegan women's running shoes prove you don't have to sacrifice your ethics for fashion, comfort or performance.

People, far more experience people than I, have said that these shoes are a really nice minimalist trail running shoe.  They fit snug and hug your feet, so you don't have to worry about that "sloshy" feeling when a shoe is just a little to big.  Some other people have noted however, that this latest incarnation of the Pace Glove series isn't quite as "minimalist" as it once was, and have shown some concerns that the line is starting to gear more towards the casual runner.

Merrell Women's Bare Access Arc 4 Shoe

These lovely vegan women's running shoes prove you don't have to sacrifice your ethics for fashion, comfort or performance.

If you're looking for really good arch support in a vegan women's running shoe, this probably isn't the shoe for you.  If you're wanting something that's a bit more minimalist with decent enough cushion for comfort and control, then these Merrell Women's Bare Access running shoes are worth looking into.  Plus, they are pretty stylish, which is always nice.  They'll be good for that added cushion when out running on the trails, but they'll work nicely for running along roads or on the treadmill too.

Vibram Five Fingers Women's KMD Sport LS Shoe

These lovely vegan women's running shoes prove you don't have to sacrifice your ethics for fashion, comfort or performance.

Vibram Five Fingers? We agree with Tina Fey these look like gloves for your feet and had trouble taking them seriously at first even though they are vegan. However, they have really caught on in some circles and the folks who love them really L.O.V.E. them.

For example we are told they are "insanely cute and ridiculously comfortable" by one happy customer who currently owns 8 different pairs. She tells us they have "quickly become her favorite pair of vegan shoes for... boxing, kickboxing and running! Being the lazy bums we are we will take her word for it.

Merrell Women's Vapor Glove 2 Shoe

These lovely vegan women's running shoes prove you don't have to sacrifice your ethics for fashion, comfort or performance.

Here is another great, more minimalist or barefoot vegan shoe from Merrell.  They are good for people who really want to "feel" the ground when they hike or run, to have that connection.  Though giving you that nice minimal feel, they also keep your feet well protected, so if you were to go running through the trails, you'll be decently protected from anything that might otherwise want to stab your foot.

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These lovely vegan women's running shoes prove you don't have to sacrifice your ethics for fashion, comfort or performance.

We hope you like these vegan running shoes for women and that you found something useful here!  If you did, have any ideas or think we missed something please give us a shout out in the comments below or on twitter @TheVeganBanana.

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6 Vegan Waffle Recipes To Blow You Away!

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Vegan Waffle Recipes

Hey guys!  So, Saturday was international waffle day!  Can you believe it?  We might be a little late to the party, but we figured we'd still celebrate anyway with these vegan waffle recipes.  

I really wanted to look around for some more traditional waffle recipes as well as some that strayed onto the less traveled paths of waffle creation.  So, I hope you find these vegan waffle recipes as yummy and interesting as I do!

Vegan Black Sesame Waffles

Vegan Waffle Recipes - Vegan Black Sesame Waffles

I think it's pretty easy to see why this recipe caught my eye.  The folks over at Vegan Miam REALLY outdid themselves with these waffles.  It's not at all what I was expecting and I 100% love it.  Black Sesame, peanut garnish, sweet and nutty and mmmn.  Can I just say "yes please"? 

Vegan Sourdough Waffles

Vegan Waffle Recipes - Vegan Sourdough Waffles

This is one waffle recipe for all you sourdough lovers out there with your own starter!  I personally love sourdough and can't wait to give these a try, though I'll have to get my own sourdough starter setup and going first.  The creators of this recipe over at Waffle Party really talk a lot more, and more intelligently about sourdough starters than I'm able to, so go on and give the post (and recipe) a read!

NOTE: though the images are the same the first starter mix just below is the ORIGINAL sourdough starter for the white breads you're used to and is the kind used in the pancakes we have listed here.  The second is for making Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread!  Personally we can't wait to try this.  If you get it before we do let us know how you it compares to the original.

Vegan French Toast Waffles

Vegan Waffle Recipes - Vegan French Toast Waffles

Vegan french toast waffles.  What's not to love?  I mean, seriously.  Crusty bread soaked in coconut milk and spices before being slapped onto a waffle iron?  The lady over at Connoisseurus Veg really is a genius.

Chocolate Vegan Waffles

Vegan Waffle Recipes - Chocolate Vegan Waffles

This post just wouldn't be complete without some chocolate waffles, in my humble opinion.  I'm a sucker for both waffles and dark chocolate, so, this just seems like a serious no brainer.  The guys over at Fraiche Nutrition really nailed this one.  Plus, get a look at them!  They are shaped like little hearts!  I didn't even realize waffle irons could be heart shaped.  I suppose that's just one more thing to add to my "must have" list.

Vegan Flax Seed Belgian Waffles

Vegan Waffle Recipes - Vegan Flax Seed Belgian Waffles

Now this is what I'm talking about, a delicious belgian waffle to get you going in the morning.  Or evening.  Or afternoon.  ...Alright, waffles are for all times of day in this house.  What can I say, I'm a crazed breakfast food monster.  Anyway, here's a wonderful recipe from the lovely gal over at My California Roots.

NOTE: This cast iron waffle iron would be GREAT for camping and making waffles on an open fire.  And so you know, kids will gobble down grilled cheese or peanut butter banana sandwiches made in one of these!

Healthy Vegan Chia Waffles

Vegan Waffle Recipes - Healthy Vegan Chia Waffles

These are some really delicious looking whole wheat waffles from Holy Cow! Vegan.  With an added chia seed twist.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a real soft spot for chia seeds, so I just can't wait to try this particular recipe.  It sounds healthy and yummy with a little added crunch.  What could be better?

Those are some of the really delicious vegan waffle recipes I found and will be trying out!  If you guys try any of these, please let us know in the comments below or over @TheVeganBanana on twitter!  Or tell us if you have any specific waffle recipes that you like!  We'd love to hear from all you Banana's out there.​

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Great Vegan Men’s Running Shoes For 2017

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High Quality Vegan Men's Running Shoes To Help You Up Your Game

Alrighty, guys. We've had a lot of requests for vegan men's running shoes lately.  So we dove in and found some that we (along with a lot of real runners, more on that in a moment) think are pretty cool.  And along the way we found a new company that makes finding vegan sports shoes easy. BONUS!

Now, I'm going to be honest right up front and say that we here at the Vegan Banana are not runners. In fact, according to my partner (and mother) we are "moseyiers" so my knowledge going into this was a little limited and still is.  That being said I did my best to find vegan running shoes that were high quality and had really good reviews from people who are runners.​

After much ado, here we are!  From jogging to ultra marathons, we found something that should fit the bill.  Go on and have a look, and we sure hope you find this helpful!​

Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 2 Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 2 Shoe

These are good vegan shoes for people who like "barefoot" running.  We also hear they are excellent gym shoes for walking, traveling, driving and just wearing around all day.

Now the manufacturer says the integrated foot bed has been made with something to help prevent foot odor.  What actual owners say is that if worn with socks they don't stink, if worn without socks they can stink (big shock).  Luckily they are easily machine washable.  BONUS: They have a wide toebox, so your toes aren't going to be rubbing the edges.

Merrell Men's All Out Peak Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Merrell Men's All Out Peak Shoe

If you're looking for a vegan running shoe  that has a lot of really solid grip, these are the shoes for you.  Actual "Bad Ass Mo Fo Adventurers" say they have a really good grip across all terrain, so you aren't going to go stumbling because of some wet leaves or ice.  They also seem to have a little bit of added arch support for those who want it.

Olukai Men's 'Eleu Trainer Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Olukai Men's 'Eleu Trainer Shoe

Ok, first off, LOVE the color & style of these sneakers.  Reports are that they tend to run small, so if you order them you'll want to get a half a size or so bigger. These vegan men's running shoes are lightweight and great for wearing around water or other "with no socks" activities.

Some people were reporting blisters being a problem, while others were saying they hiked 25 miles in them after just purchasing these shoes and had no trouble whatsoever. Honestly, we find this to be true of just about any shoe, but thought you should know what we are hearing.

Merrell Men's Grassbow Air Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Merrell Men's Grassbow Air Shoe

These vegan shoes are great for long distance hiking through rough terrain.  We had folks tell us to "forget boots, hike in these" and that "crossing rivers is no problem, you'll be try in half an hour".  After some sleuthing, we found out that last statement is true because they are made of a highly breathable mesh.  

These vegan running shoes have an air cushion in the heal to absorb shock and add stability.   They also have a "bellows tongue" to keep debris out.  On top of all that,  the whole shoe is infused with an anti-odor agent to help keep you "Unstinky".

Hoka One One Men's Rocket Trainer Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Hoka One One Men's Rocket Trainer Shoe

"Super light. Super comfortable. Super fast." is what we are hearing about these Hoka One One vegan men's running shoes.  We've been told they have the perfect amount of cushioning for speed work or long distance running.  Is it wrong that we just really like how these look?  I mean, check out that bold style?

Hoka One One Men's Clifton 3 Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Hoka One One Men's Clifton 3 Shoe

We are going to let the words of one happy owner of this vegan running shoe speak for us "The Clifton might well be the Holy Grail of road shoes: cushioned but not mushy, supportive but not heavy, fast enough for speed work, forgiving enough for long-distance slogging.  So far I've put about 100km into the Cliftons, including some light trails. Delighted with them."

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High Quality Vegan Men's Running Shoes To Help You Up Your Game

Ok, so bearing in mind we are a pair of self-confessed "moseyiers, how well did we do?  Are these some cool vegan men's running shoes or what?  As always be sure to tell us if you love it (psst... especially if you LOVE IT), hate it or are looking for something else in the comments down yonder (or on social @TheVeganBanana or Facebook/VeganBanana

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6 Vegan Chinese Recipes To Prove That You Don’t Need Meat!

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Vegan Chinese Recipes

These vegan Chinese recipes are sure to prove that you don't need meat to make a tasty meal!  In a world where going to a Chinese buffet means that the dumplings are filled with pork, chicken is on a stick, and Mongolian beef is everywhere these vegan Chinese recipes really show that you don't need any of that to be yummy.

​Now, much like a buffet you'd find typically here in the States, some of these recipes are... less than authentic, but certainly super delicious!  Such as kung pao brussels sprouts and dumplings made with mushrooms!

Sticky Rice Mushroom Shumai With Homemade Wrappers

Sticky Rice Mushroom Shumai With Homemade Wrappers - Vegan Chinese Recipes

Now this particular dish is a little more on the traditional side.  These are some vegan dumplings that really sound like they'd hit the spot.  Mushrooms, sticky rice, peas and some scallions?  Sign me up.  The guys over at The Wok Of Life really know how to make a simple but super delish vegan recipe.

Vegetable Stir Fry With Mung Bean Noodles

Vegetable Stir Fry With Mung Bean Noodles - Vegan Chinese Recipes

If you're anything like us here at the Vegan Banana, you like something that's quick and easy that you can make when you're in a hurry (or you're having a relatively lazy day).  Lisa from Healthy Nibbles and Bits made this awesome stir fry recipe using mung bean noodles, which cook up fast and make for good eats.  

Now, my thought on this recipe is that you can either stick to the veggies she uses, OR do your own "refrigerator" (meaning whatever you have in your fridge!) style vegetable arrangement like we often do in our house and use her delicious sauce and seasoning​!

Vegan Baozi (Chinese Steamed Buns)

Vegan Baozi - Vegan Chinese Recipes

This is another slightly more traditional recipe.  The folks over at China Sichuan Food have made a vegan version of Baozi, which, though in the same family as dumplings aren't quite the same.  They are actually steamed, or filled buns!  This particular recipe uses seasoned tofu as a lovely filling instead of pork.  ...Honestly, I have to say that I can't wait to try this recipe out for myself.  It just sounds so good. 

Plus, don't you guys think it'll be so much fun to make your own wrappers for this recipe?  I know I do.

Chinese Cabbage and Five-Spice Seitan with Fermented Black Beans

Chinese Cabbage And Five-Spice Seitan With Fermented Black Beans - Vegan Chinese Recipes

As someone who's never actually tried fermented black beans, I can't say for sure how this particular recipe will turn out or taste!  But, it really sounds like a new and interesting recipe to try.  Especially if you're like us and enjoy exploring new foods.  So, thank you to the guys who run The Taste Space for this new vegan recipe!  I can't wait to try it!

Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts

Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts - Vegan Chinese Recipes

Brussels sprouts are definitely a favorite in this house and we are always looking for new ways to prepare them.  Steam them and put some vegan butter and salt on top, roast them in the oven with a bit of oil and salt...  Mmm.  So, lets just say when I saw this recipe for Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts from Appetite For China, I got pretty damn excited.

Faux Pork Wonton Soup With Bok Choy

Faux Pork Wonton Soup With Bok Choy - Vegan Chinese Recipes

A surefire favorite among a lot of chinese food lovers is wonton soup.  But, most variations you'll see have pork as the main ingredient!  Olives For Dinner has switched this up and is using ground farro as chewy alternative to your usual pork wonton's!  Making this dish delish while still having the right mouth feel.

And so, there are 6 vegan Chinese recipes for you to try!  Whether you're cooking for one or an entire family, these vegan dishes are something to try!

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7 Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant Ideas!

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Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant

Cruelty free vegan deodorant seems like a bit of a no brainer, what with animal testing and the increasing health concerns around some of the bigger more generic deodorant brands.

That's why I went out and found a selection of natural vegan deodorant for you (and us!) to try out.  From the Primal Pit Paste I've heard about off and on to the Crystal Stick my mother has been using for as long as I can remember, I've got a collection here for everyone to look at.​

Hippy Pits Natural Deodorant

Hippy Pits is a truly wonderful brand, they understand the need for natural, vegan, eco friendly deodorant.  As silly as it sounds, one of the things that made me like this brand so much was their sense of humor.  Seriously, the videos on their homepage are made me snicker (in the good way!).

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant

 Primal Pit Paste - Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant

This is a brand of natural deodorant that I've heard about previously, though never tried myself!  I have seen lots of good things relating to this brand though.  Most people seem to agree that it works quite well!  Though, like most natural deodorants, you have to be careful because rashes can happen.  Especially if your body is still detoxing from being pumped full of all the commercial brands chemicals.

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant

Bali Secrets - Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant

The Bali Secrets deodorant is definitely one I want to check out for myself.  It has tons of positive reviews on Amazon and I didn't see one person have any reaction to this.  It doesn't have baking soda (like a lot of the pit pastes) so if your skin is sensitive to it, this is an option for you to try!

Essential Eden Pit Stank Paste Natural Deodorant

Pit Stank Paste - Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant

First off... I want to point out the name of this particular brand of vegan deodorant.  I don't know why, but Pit Stank Paste just cracked me up when I saw it.  So, I was rather happy to see that people had been reporting huge success with this pit paste.  It's strong and will likely last you the whole day without any kind of worry.

Island Deodorant Stick

Island Deodorant - Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant

Once again, I've seen a plethora of positive reviews about this organic deodorant from Island Deodorant.  Both cruelty free and vegan, this is a really nice stick if you want something a little more classic instead of a paste!

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Schmidt's -Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant

If you're wanting something with a bit more scent to it, Schmidt's has a lovely variety of pastes to choose from.  This particular cruelty free vegan deodorant is rose + vanilla, which I'm told is absolutely heavenly.

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

Crystal Stick - Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant

Oh, glorious Crystal Stick.  A truly natural (not that the others featured here aren't) and effective vegan deodorant.  It's essentially just a dense block of mineral salt that you get wet and glide over your pits.  We've had one of these in the house as long as I can remember, so I can say without a doubt that they definitely do the job.  Plus, it'll last you a good long time.  Like, wow.

Bonus: Soapwalla - Organic / Vegan Deodorant Cream

Soapwalla - Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant

Though this deodorant from Soapwalla is a bit on the pricey side, I still wanted to include it simply because of the good reviews it had ALSO gotten.  People were reporting it as being strong enough to last through a hot day, jog included.

And there we have it, a lovely collection of cruelty free vegan deodorants for you to try out.  If you end up getting one of these (or even a brand we didn't feature here!) please let us know in the comments or on twitter!  We'd love to hear from you guys.​

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6 Vegan Thai Recipes To Make Dinnertime Fun!

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Vegan Thai Recipes

Ask and ye shall receive!  We've seen requests for some vegan thai recipes lately, so here we are!  Buckle up, babes, because we've got some raw vegan pad thai, coconut soup, peanut noodles, and of COURSE some lentil curry!  And let me just say all of these recipes really have my mouth watering.  I can't wait to try them all out!

Raw Vegan Pad Thai

Raw Vegan Pad Thai - Vegan Thai Recipes

First off we have this raw vegan pad thai from Tastemade that just has me going nuts.  Now, we here at Vegan Banana aren't raw by any stretch of the imagination, but this recipe just... sounds... so... GOOD.  Kelp noodles, a sweet and spicy sauce, bean sprouts on top?  Yes please!

Spicy Vegan Pad Thai

Spicy Vegan Pad Thai - Vegan Thai Recipes

Another pad thai recipe from Alex over at Delish Knowledge.  This one caught my attention because it's so damn pretty, but it also has those spicy, crispy tofu chunks/crumbles on top.  To be honest, I wanted to know how she did that as much as I wanted to know about the rest of the recipe (which just looks and sounds heavenly, if we're being real here).

Vegan Thai Coconut Soup

Vegan Thai Coconut Soup - Vegan Thai Recipes

Cilantro and Citronella's thai coconut soup recipe caught my eye.  And it sounds as good as it looks!  Lemongrass, oyster mushrooms, lime, coconut, brown sugar!  Mmm, mm, mm!  You can eat this straight out of the bowl with a spoon or ladle it onto some rice.

Easy Vegan Thai Cabbage Salad

Easy Vegan Thai Cabbage Salad - Vegan Thai Recipes

Cabbage salads of all kinds are rather popular around our house, but we've not tried one exactly like this before!  It looks so yummy and the sauce that the folks over at The Veg Life have for on it just sounds so delicious!  I can't wait to go out and get some little bean thread noodles so that we can try this out for ourselves!

Peanut Udon Noodles With Snow Peas

Peanut Udon Noodles With Snow Peas - Vegan Thai Recipes

This particular recipe reminded me of the peanut noodles we like to make for ourselves.  It has a few differences though and honestly, some good additions I might not have thought of!  The guys over at Oh My Veggies plunk in some snow peas and clove in their recipe!  Sounds like a yum to me.

Red Curry Vegetable Lentils

Red Curry Vegetable Lentils - Vegan Thai Recipes

What collection of vegan thai recipes would be complete without some curry?  The lady over at Running To The Kitchen put together a really good curry recipe that I know I'm dyin' to try.  

So, there we have it!  Some vegan thai recipes for all of you to try out!  If any of you guys do happen to test out these recipes, please comment below or nab us on twitter, we'd love to hear how it went!  Also let us know and share your own recipes with us, as we'd also really like to see what creative things you guys are doing in your vegan kitchen!​

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6 Vegan Cruelty Free Shaving Cream Ideas!

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Vegan Cruelty Free Shaving Cream

I have to admit, going into this post I was a little anxious because I thought I was going to have to rummage through hours of research to find a good vegan cruelty free shaving cream!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are a lot of vegan shaving cream options.  It's just not something I expected as men's (not that women can't use these too!) vegan products are usually just that much harder to find.

So, without further ado, I'm going to show some of my findings!​

Herban Cowboy Dusk Premium Shave Cream

Herban Cowboy Vegan Cruelty Free Shaving Cream

First off we have this non-lathering shaving cream from Herban Cowboy, which is all natural and absolutely 100% vegan!  One of the reviewers recommend getting and using a shave brush with this particular shaving cream, it'll help you get the most out of this product.  While it doesn't lather, it is quite creamy and the brush lets you use less product while still getting a nice creamy foam!

Avalon Organics Cream Shave, Revitalizing Peppermint

Avalon Vegan Cruelty Free Shaving Cream

Avalon's peppermint shaving cream is another nice shaving cream (it's not a lather).  It contains mostly organic ingredients and has no parabens, GMO's, it's vegan and cruelty free.  The reviewers are saying the peppermint leaves a fresh feeling and almost reminds them of a shaving cream and instant after shave in one.

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Shaving Cream, Green Tea & Bamboo Shaving Soap

Kiss My Face Vegan Cruelty Free Shaving Cream

There seems to be a consensus in the reviews of this that it's really good whether you're wanting something for while you're shaving your legs or your face.  It's got more of a "lotion" consistency then a cream one though, so be aware going into it!  

Shaving Soap Made with All Natural Ingredients Creates Rich Lather for a Smooth Shave

Men's Soap Company Vegan Cruelty Free Shaving Cream

This is a vegan shaving soap that produces a really nice, thick lather.  It's free of parabens and dyes.  It stays thick and creamy on your face and doesn't dry out.  It's scent is mild, so if you don't want something intense then this might just be for you.

Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Cream

Pacific Shaving Company Vegan Cruelty Free Shaving Cream

Another natural shaving cream that lathers up nicely.  It's got a faint but pleasant smell.  It can be worked nicely into a lather with or without a brush just fine, so if you don't have a shaving brush your fingers should work just fine too!

Avalon Organics Cream Shave, Aloe Unscented

Avalon Organics Vegan Cruelty Free Shaving Cream

Another good shaving cream for general use.  If you want it for your face or legs, it's going to go the distance.  People noted that they had less ingrown hairs and men who had sensitive skin had a lot less irritation and razor burn issues!  It is a thick lather though, so don't be shocked when you go to use it!

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Vegan Recipes For Kids

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Super Yummy, Easy To Make Vegan Recipes For Kids

Whether your kid has been vegan since birth or you're a family in transition, finding vegan recipes for kids can be a challenge sometimes.  If you're looking to get out of a cooking rut we've got some interesting and decently easy recipes for you to make up, and some tips to help you out if you happen to have a picky eater. 

Puffed Quinoa Peanut Butter Balls​

Super Yummy & Easy To Make Vegan Recipes For Kids.  Puffed Quinoa Peanut Butter Balls

I thought these puffed quinoa balls would be the perfect snack project to do with your kids.  Vegangela really came up with a delicious and healthy recipe!  And what better way to get your children involved and happy to eat than getting them INTO the kitchen with you?

Big Time Vegan Mexican Burrito Bowl

Big Time Vegan Mexican Burrito Bowl Is A Super Yummy & Easy To Make Vegan Recipes For Kids

I don't know about you guys, but I don't think I've met a kid (or anyone of any age) who doesn't like chips.  Which makes this easy to toss together burrito bowl a nice way to get all those healthy things in, things like beans, corn, lettuce and any other yummy things you might want to add to this recipe from The Vegan 8.

Smoky Vegan Macaroni And Cheese

Super Yummy & Easy To Make Vegan Recipes For Kids Like This Smoky Vegan Macaroni And Cheese

When I was growing up, mac 'n cheese was DEFINITELY a favorite staple in our house.  Even outside the house, as a kid (I sadly didn't know what vegan was as a 5 year old) we'd go out and I'd still get mac 'n cheese at the restaurants.  As you can see I am a connoisseur of this pasta dish, so I can tell you that this veganized version from Blissful Basil passes the "yum yum" test. 

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Super Yummy & Easy To Make Vegan Recipes For Kids.  Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Finger food reigns supreme in this house.  Since I could toddle around it was hard to get me to sit down and eat a solid meal in one sitting.  At the end of the day, my mother decided to just set out food so that I could grab it and keep going.  This recipe from Hot for Food made me think of that, perfect for a set down, picnic with the whole family OR as a grab it and go munchie. 

Apple Peanut Butter Wrap

Super Yummy & Easy To Make Vegan Recipes For Kids.  Apple Peanut Butter Wrap.

Here's a really simple meal that you can make when you just DON'T HAVE TIME for anything elaborate.  But, it's still yummy and lets be honest, kids love this kind of thing.  It's sweet, handheld, crunchy.  This is our on recipe from here at Vegan Banana, so head on over here if you want the recipe or just some extra ideas on how to spice up a quick meal for your kid.

Vegan School Lunch Ideas

This is a video I found to be really nice and useful, not just in terms of vegan recipes for kids, but I thought a lot of these recipe ideas would be yummy and good even for an adult!  There are also some nice suggestions to keep the food interesting, from cutting the fruit into pretty star shapes to arranging the veggies and fruits in a rainbow pattern down the box.  Liv's Healthy Life has definitely proven to be a youtube channel to check out.

Check Out These Vegan Recipes For Kids...

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Victory! Ringling Brothers Circus Closes, But What Happens To The Animals?

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Photo Credit: The Washington Post

So, I think all of us in the vegan community have been cheering since we first heard that at long last Ringling Brothers Circus is shutting down.  I know we’ve all been waiting for this moment, and it’s undoubtedly a huge, positive step forward!  First it was the elephants, we got them the freedom and retirement they deserved.  Now it’s time to let all of the other animals (lions, tigers and bears! oh my!) get the rest and relaxation they need.

The show’s famous elephants are already retired, now living out their days on the company’s conservation center in Florida. Some acts, like the dogs and the lions, are owned by their handlers and will remain with them. But the kangaroos, horses, camels, tigers and others belong to Feld Entertainment, the producer of Ringling, which has said it will find them suitable homes. Stephen Payne, a spokesman, said in an interview this week that those locations have not yet been chosen, but that wherever the creatures land will “have to meet our high animal care standards.” Via washingtonpost.com

This all sounds good, right?  Well, for the most part it is.  Really, really good.  But, the devil lies in the details as it so often does.  In the end it’s all better this way.  But, now we have to face the short term consequences, and lets be real, there ARE consequences.  Essentially, these animals are going to be homeless soon.  It isn’t like you can shove massive carnivores with highly specialized needs into an everyday farm or sanctuary.

Their options include zoos and private owners, but former circus animals often end up at the animal sanctuaries that dot the nation, which vary widely in quality. Those might not have much trouble taking in horses or kangaroos, but tigers, bears and other large carnivores are another matter. Failed roadside zoos and refuges, abandoned exotic pets and crackdowns on circuses have created a swelling menagerie of wild animals that need homes — homes with lots of land, lots of food and proper enclosures. Payne said Feld owns about 18 tigers, which will likely join a steady stream of big cats in search of shelter. Via washingtonpost.com

What this breaks down to is that these large carnivores, such as the big cats and bears, are very hard to place.  With sanctuaries filling up around the country and only a few able to take in big cats I think you guys can see the problem we’re going to encounter.  Especially since we really don’t want these lovely animals to end up just anywhere.  They’ve had a long, hard career and it’s time for them to get some real rest.

Now, we have people out there doing their best to help find homes for everyone, so we can take serious heart in that.

“We will do anything we can do to help them place their tigers, I’ll say that right now,” said Ed Stewart, the president of the California-based Performing Animal Welfare Society, or PAWS, a longtime Ringling adversary that this month took in eight tigers from a failed sanctuary in Colorado. “But it’s not going to be easy, because all legitimate sanctuaries are full of tigers right now.” Via washingtonpost.com

But, as you can see even the professionals are having to admit this is going to be a long journey.  I don’t know how to fix this situation, so I’m not going to pretend like I have any answers.  But we made this happen, we can’t turn our backs on the animals.  This is as important, if not more so, then getting the circus to close.  I would like to start a conversation though, on ways you guys think that we can help.

So, start talking in the comments below or strike up a conversation on social media, tag us so that we can see and chime in!  I’d love to see what creative ways our community of Banana’s can help.

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