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Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary!

We would like to introduce you to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary! They are a non-profit farm animal sanctuary who take in abused and abandoned animals in need of a home. They have 400 acres out in Poolesville Maryland where they keep all their new and lovely friends. They’ve been helping farm animals for nearly 20 years now.


This is Terry Cummings. In this video she talks a bit about how she and her husband came to start Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary and why.  As I was looking around and researching this sanctuary for today, I came across this little interview and it really sparked a connection with me as much as the animals did.  Her story of how she became vegan like so many started with a love for animals.  Top that off with moving to farmland and getting to know some fine bovine… who were later shipped off to slaughter which sort of puts things in perspective for her.


And here we meet little Evie and Erwin!  Two happy endings that could have been so very sad.  Little Evie only has three legs (in case you couldn’t already tell) but that doesn’t seem to stop her. Just watch the little girl go!  If you want their full stories, you’ll have to watch the video above to find out!


Here we have the longest of the videos I’ll be sharing today, but also one of the best.  You get to hear about even more of the amazing animals and their stories here, but also some of how Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary is run!  From a few paid staff members to summer interns and volunteers.  You know how they say it take a village to raise a child?  Well, it takes a village to run a sanctuary too.

If you’d like to learn even more about Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary you can go their website right here!  It’s worth remembering that places like this run off donations and volunteers, so if you can’t donate try and spend some time there, if you can’t spend time there donate.  If you can’t do either right now, share their message and show this sanctuary and others to friends, family and people on social media so that they can help out.

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