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Ravi DeRossi Restaurant Empire Goes Vegan!

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Fusion announced that the Ravi DeRossi Restaurant empire went vegan on January 1, 2016!  Yes you heard right!  Every single one of his 15 of his New York City restaurant's is now vegan!  That's some of the finest wine'n dine spots in New York folks and they are now all cruelty free hot spots for you to enjoy fancy vegan fare.

DeRossi does not wish to convert everyone to a plant-based diet, but wants people to have an amazing experience, while eating less meat, even if only one meal a month. Personally, he wants to save and rescue as many animals as possible, which he practices through adoption of dogs and cats, but DeRossi is not preachy about his mission.

Seeing plant-based food as the better way for humans and animals, DeRossi recently pledged to remove all animal products from all his restaurants and bars.

I don’t have to put my morals aside to be a businessman. I don’t have to put my ethics aside to do everything I want to do

Ravi DeRossi 
Vegan Restauranteur

For those of you who want to make a tour of these new vegan havens here are some of DeRossi's new vegan restaurant's... Death & Company, The Bourgeois Pig, Mayahuel, Cienfuegos, Amor y Amargo, Desnuda, 124 Rabbit Club, Proletariat, Bergen Hill, Post Office Bar, Riddling Widow, Mother of Pearl (formerly Gin Palace) and Avant Garden

And for your die-hards who just can't get enough of Mr. DeRossi or for anyone who wants a glimpse of the winding road that leads to the unlikely opening of more than a dozen different vegan dining establishments you can check out the extensive interview ecorazzi did here.

When ya'll go just be sure to drop us a line here and let us know how much fun you had!

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