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Remembering Bodacious… The Vegan “Bobo” Dog!

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Losing family and starting again is hard.  If you've been wondering at the relative silence of our social accounts and total lack of posts recently, this is why...

We recently lost a very important member of our little Vegan Banana family.  Bodacious, our vegan "Bobo Dog", passed away about a week ago.  He was always at the center of our world both because of his funny, if sometimes annoying, antics and because of his multitude of health issues.  Now the silence in our home is deafening. 

Bobo was precious and kind.  Never was there a happier dog or one who lived more in the moment than he did.  He made us laugh.  He made us cry.  He made us so frustrated we did both at once.  He will be missed and forever loved.

We wanted ya'll to know why we have been MIA recently and to thank you for your understanding, for allowing us this time to grieve.  Though, it's still rather hard to accept and understand why these things happen and all of the little random things that remind us of him throughout the day still make our hearts ache, it's time we put the lessons he taught us to use and "live in the moment" once again.  

In memory of our beloved Bodacious we return to our mission to make vegan easy.  We will never forget him but it is time for us to return to our crusade for all the other, sadly unloved, animals stuck on factory farms across the world.  

God Speed Bobo! RIP sweet friend.

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