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Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Overview!

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Overview CollageWelcome to the start of Sanctuary Sunday!  Wherein we are going to highlight one sanctuary for the month, featuring difference parts and aspects of it every week.  To start us off, I present to you Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.  Cattle Ranchers turned vegan and a sanctuary for the very cows they used to farm.

We think they are seriously leading the way in how other ranchers like them can convert to a sanctuary for their animals, in a sustainable realistic way.  Keeping food on the table and a roof over everyone’s head.  Let’s find out the basics now, and next week we’ll find go into specifics!

Who Is Rowdy Girl Sanctuary?

Renee and Tommy Sonnen are two cattle ranchers turned Vegan, and with that transformation their ranch turned into a sanctuary.  Renee was the catalyst for this large change.  She is truly a hero.  Now she is vegan and he is totally plant based.  And with help from the vegan community online, she convinced her husband to let her turn their cattle ranch into an animal sanctuary!

What’s Special About Rowdy Girl Sanctuary?

Not only have they gone from cattle ranch to sanctuary, they are turning themselves into a sustainable Permaculture Farm.  They are paving the way for others like them.  They are making this change so that they can sustain the farm and sanctuary on more than donations.

If we are going to be turning the world vegan, that does leave the question of where these animals will go once the slaughterhouses and ranchers are such down.  This gives an alternative, and someplace safe for the animals to go where they can work in a symbiotic relationship with the land and the farmers.

How Did Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Become What They Are Today?

Renee-and-TommyWhen Renee Sonnen married her husband and moved out to live with him on his cattle ranch she was very excited to be working along with animals she loved right along side the man she loved.

However, she quickly realized that standard ranch practice of lovingly raising their cattle only to send them off to die wasn’t okay.  Not okay at all.

Sending their precious babies off to be killed for food didn’t sit well with her.  Nor did listening to the mamma cows crying for days and days after the truck would leave with the yearlings.

So, soon the trucks that used to leave every 6 months would take 8 to fill then 10 and then after a while she put her foot down and the trucks stopped leaving all together.  The babies would stay put and she and her husband went vegan.

How You Can Help

Go Vegan and volunteer at the farm, they are in need of people willing to do basic animal care chores, and even more long term serious work.  If you can’t help out in person, you can adopt (basically sponsor) one of their animals for a monthly fee, the money you send to them will go towards that animals food and healthcare.  And most importantly… You can spread the word and tell others about veganism, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, what they are doing to help ranchers, cattle and you.

Where Are They?

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is located in Angleton, Texas which is about 50 miles southwest of Houston. You can visit them but only if you make an appointment first.  And if you’re willing they’ll be happy to put you to work but don’t let it keep you from visiting if you can’t, I know they do tours where you get to meet’n greet the animals without building fences too 😉  You can get a visitors application and directions right here >>> http://rowdygirlsanctuary.com/visit/

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  1. Renee King-Sonnen
    | Reply

    thank your for spotlighting our sanctuary and the hopes and wishes we have for our Veganic farm! You are a trailblazer too!! love, Renee

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      You are so welcome! We are humbled by your vision, dedication and HARD work. Thank you for taking time out of what has to be the busiest schedule ever to visit us here. Together we will make the world a far better place.

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