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Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Success Story: Stormy

This Picture is from http://rowdygirlsanctuary.com/stormy/

Stormy is a three month old calf and one of the most recent additions to Rowdy Girl.  She’s so precious and sweet, and her story turned me into a blubbering mess.  In a good way though, so don’t be too worried.  You see there’s something very special about Stormy the cow.

She’s blind!

Stormy was originally brought into the world by breeders, who didn’t realize she hadn’t been nursing properly until she had gone septic and the infection spread to her eyes.  They rushed her to the vet as soon as they understood what was happening and got her on the way to healing.

This Picture is from http://rowdygirlsanctuary.com/stormy/

Sadly, her sight couldn’t be saved.  Now, most folks in the cattle industry would have simply put this baby down.  But, not Tammy and her family.  Though these folks breed and show cattle they are seriously moving toward a Rowdy Girl approach to cattle farming and wouldn’t think of killing stormy or selling her for veal.

Sadly, they also, realized they wouldn’t be able to provide a good life for her on their spread because they are not equipped to deal with her new, special needs.  Keeping her cooped up in a pin was unacceptable but they couldn’t let her roam safely with the other cows.  So Tammy hit the internet looking for a solution.

After poking around and doing research she found Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and made inquiries to Renee, who owns and runs the farm.  After multiple back and forths over email, it was decided that Stormy would go to live with Renee and her husband Tommy once she was strong enough to be moved.   You see, Tammy was bottle feeding her by this point.

Now she lives at Rowdy Girl farm and is a happy little cow!  She was greeted warmly by all the other heifers when she arrived.  Take a peek at them sniffing and licking her in the video down below.  It’ll make you smile, promise!

When Tammy brought her she was so happy to see how things were run, the animals are happy and fearless.  They are calm, collected and able to move around and graze on grass, just what she wanted for her little Stormy!  And that’s exactly what she’ll get at Rowdy Girl once she’s strong enough and comfortable with her surroundings.  The freedom to live out her life as a… cow!

And who knows, maybe Stormy’s story will turn out to be a Double Sanctuary Success Story!  Not only does little Stormy now have a forever home where she’s free to be a cow as cows are meant to be.  But perhaps, just perhaps, her former home will soon become yet another Vegan Ranch!

If you thought this was great, you can get the full story here!


Edit: We are sad to have to tell you that Stormy The Blind Cow crossed the rainbow bridge.  She is a sad victim of the historic Brazos River flood.  We leave this post live in loving memory of this sweet little girl.  For full details on what happened and a lovely photo tribute to her please see what Rowdy Girl Farm Sanctuary has published here.

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    I absolutely love your blog… and this article is wonderful! I hope one day to start a veganic farm and sanctuary like Rowdy Girls.

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