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Sanctuary Sunday: Stormy The Blind Cow a Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Update

You asked for it, you got it folks... here's what's been going on with Stormy the blind cow that Renee King over at Rowdy Girl Farm Animal Sanctuary took in last year.  Ever since we published a post about this little cutie last year we've had folks asking us for updates on how she's doing.  Rather than waxing poetic on her adventures we thought we'd just show you instead.

And for those of you who are new to the story of Stormy the blind cow, we decided to start this video journey with her arrival at Rowdy Girl.  You'll get to see for yourself how loving and special the folks at this beef ranch turned vegan farm animal sanctuary really are!​

Stormy The Blind Cow Arrives at Rowdy Girl

Awww... look at how little our Stormy is!  She fits inside a large dog crate when she arrives at the Rowdy Girl Ranch!  How scary that must have been for her.  Little does she know her new amazing life is about to begin!


Stormy Has Trouble Leaving The Travel Crate

Poor baby, our Stormy doesn't know how to get out of her travel crate.  Luckily for her the kind folks at her new home know just what to do and soon she has all four feet firmly on the ground.  What a blessed life is ahead of her.


Stormy gets welcomed by the Rowdy Bunch

First things first... Stormy wastes no time meeting the neighbors.  Look how sweetly the other cows greet her.  They are all so interested and concerned with the newcomer.  How can anyone not acknowledge that animals like cows have feelings just the same as dogs?


Stormy figuring out her surroundings 

Look how brave Stormy is!  She is a cow on the move.  Our little girl doesn't let a little thing like blindness keep her from exploring her world!

Renee and Stormy. Her first bottle 🙂

Here's Renee giving Stormy the blind cow her first bottle of milk in her new forever home.  Thank goodness she took to it so quickly some animals, not to mention people, resist being bottle fed.  In fact, my daughter never would take a bottle.  Good thing Stormy isn't so stubborn!


Stormy Walking the fence line.

After only a few days you can see how much more confident Stormy is in her new home.  Surrounded by her animal friends and cheered on by Renee she is scootin around like a pro!


Stormy Getting The Hang Of The Baby Bottle!

Stormy LOVES her bottle!  As you can see she has got the hang of it just fine!  "Don't call me late to dinner, Mom!"


Stormy The Blind Cow and Herman Making Friends

Awwwww... Stormy is making friends with Herman the pig.  So sweet 🙂


Stormy The Blind Cow Visiting The Big Girls!

We are really truckin right along now, cautious but confident.  Stormy is on a mission to visit the big girls out in their pen.  She has gone from barely being able to stand to this 150 pound confident calf.  And notice how stylish she is in her harness?


Stormy Lovin Time at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary!

My goodness I wish it was me there giving Stormy her daily (or is it hourly) dose of lovin?  What a blessed life she leads now.   So different from what her fate would have been if she hadn't been born blind and found a home here at Rowdy Girl Farm Sanctuary!  We wish all cows could live such happy lives.  With your help one day they will 🙂


Our Stormy Girl Is Growin Up!

Oh my, our bottle days are numbered.  Stormy is growing up and learning all about solid food.  How cool is that?  

Well folks, we hope you have enjoyed this video "round up" of the adventures of Stormy The Blind Cow.  We know both she and Renee really appreciate your interest and concern.  We encourage you to learn more about what they do over at Rowdy Girl Farm Sanctuary.  How Renee and her husband turned their Texas cattle ranch into a farm sanctuary is truly inspirational.

As you might expect, feeding a cow is an expensive undertaking so if you'd like to help Stormy or any of the other lucky animals that call Rowdy Girl home you can learn how to do that right here.  We know Renee and the gang really appreciate anything folks can do to help out.

Edit: We are sad to have to tell you that Stormy The Blind Cow crossed the rainbow bridge.  She is a sad victim of the historic Brazos River flood.  We leave this post live in loving memory of this sweet little girl.  For full details on what happened and a lovely photo tribute to her please see what Rowdy Girl Farm Sanctuary has published here.

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