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If Vegans Said the Stuff Meat-Eaters Say

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Are you ready for a dose of vegan humor?  If you could use a good belly laugh we suggest you take a peek at “If Vegans Said The Stuff Meat Eaters Say”.  It’s a hilarious video PETA put out a while back.  We’ve seen it many many times and it never fails to make us giggle with such memorable one liners as…

  • “But where do you get your fiber?”
  • “Did you know that Hitler ate meat?”
  • “So, there was this couple and they fed their baby meat… and the baby died!”
  • “Do you think eating meat is just… like a “phase” you’re going thru?”
  • “Do you mind if I eat this carrot in front of you?”

Honestly, bookmark this page.  Then the next time you come home from a BBQ, Picnic or other mixed gathering and your mind is reeling from all the insane things folks say to or about vegans watch this video.  Giggle at the stupidity.  You’ll feel LOADS better.  We promise.

If you want to feel even better still, share this and other bits of vegan humor that tickles your fancy because nothing makes for better vegan activism than sharing a giggle with friends.  You’ll be amazed at how far a smile and a joke can go to get people to open their minds a little.  They’ll laugh with you now and think about it later.  Heck, they might even share it with their friends too.  You just never know when something will catch on.

And remember… if we vegans didn’t eat all those vegetables there would be mass hysteria as “Veggies Took Over The World!”  There would be corn clogging the streets, watermelons cascading from buses… CARROTS CLOGGING THE CAPITAL!  So for goodness sake people Go Vegan and EAT YOUR VEGGIES!

Enjoy “If Vegans Said The Stuff Meat Eaters Say”?
If So, Please Share It With Your Friends! Thank YOU!

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