Faux Leather Dog Collar Ideas To Help You Spoil Your Pet Rotten!

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Check out these faux leather dog collar ideas.  They will keep your pooch pampered in cruelty free style!  It doesn’t matter if you love rhinestones, flowers or spikes, today there is a vegan dog collar to keep your four legged … Read More

Faux Leather Jackets For Juniors

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Here I’ve compiled some interesting and pretty faux leather jackets for juniors to help you find what you need, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed.. Fall is here and the weather shifting!  As chillier weather starts to close in on … Read More

Faux Leather Jackets For Women ROCK!

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What’s so special about faux leather jackets for women? Why does every girl want at least one in her closet? Is it because such leather jackets go with everything from skinny jeans to slinky dresses? Or because you can layer … Read More