Vegan On A Budget: Preserving Food

  Ok folks, if you really want to be vegan on a budget we need to talk about preserving food.  Yes, I mean things like pickling, fermenting, cellaring, dehydrating and canning veggies or sauces like your grandma used to do. … Read More

Vegan On A Budget: How To Grow Sprouts

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5 Frugal Vegan Shopping Tips That’ll Save You BIG At The Grocery Store!

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Frugal Vegan Living: How To Regrow Green Onions

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Make Your Own Almond Milk

Did you know it’s easy make your own almond milk? Yep, you can sit back and amaze your friends with your vegan zeal and dedication by serving them delicious homemade almond milk with their cookies. It’ll be our little secret … Read More