6 Vegan Athletic Sandals To Make Your Summer Adventures Possible!

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With summer coming a nice pair of vegan athletic sandals becomes imperative.  Alright, perhaps not imperative, but it’s nice and depending on the kind of sports or outdoors activities you get into… well, they are pretty nice to have around. … Read More

Stunning Vegan Women’s Running Shoes Provide Cruelty Free Performance!

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With summer sprinting towards us, we here at Vegan Banana continue our leap into the realm of sportswear with vegan women’s running shoes!  Last week we covered men’s running shoes and had some pretty good finds. There is some crossover here … Read More

5 Men’s Vegan Hiking Boots

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Turns out, finding men’s vegan hiking boots can be a real pain. Being more inclined to strolling ourselves, we really didn’t understand what a challenge it could be for vegan hikers to find appropriate footwear. That is until it was … Read More

Vegan Women’s Hiking Boots: Cruelty Free Function For 2017!

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Fashion meets function in these vegan women’s hiking boots.  They are the epitome of cruelty free style for giving you way more than the “moral advantage”.  Seriously, anyone still wearing leather in this day and age is going to be … Read More

Vegan Boots For Winter: Vegan Snow Boots That Keep You Warm In Cruelty Free Style

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With snow right around the corner (and over some of your heads already!) you’re likely thinking that if you don’t already have some vegan boots for winter, you NEED to get some. Something to keep your toes warm while you … Read More

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