7 Cruelty Free Vegan Deodorant Ideas!

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Cruelty free vegan deodorant seems like a bit of a no brainer, what with animal testing and the increasing health concerns around some of the bigger more generic deodorant brands. That’s why I went out and found a selection of natural … Read More

6 Vegan Cruelty Free Shaving Cream Ideas!

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I have to admit, going into this post I was a little anxious because I thought I was going to have to rummage through hours of research to find a good vegan cruelty free shaving cream!  I was pleasantly surprised … Read More

Vegan Recipes For Kids

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Whether your kid has been vegan since birth or you’re a family in transition, finding vegan recipes for kids can be a challenge sometimes.  If you’re looking to get out of a cooking rut we’ve got some interesting and decently … Read More

6 Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes That Are Sure To Impress

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With Christmas closing in on us, I find that I get more frantic as I search for just the right things to make.  Well, we can’t go wrong with some vegan Christmas cookie recipes, right?  So, off I went to search … Read More

6 Awesome Vegan T-Shirts Now In Many New Styles!

Check out these 6 awesome vegan T-shirts! So, as some of you guys might remember, awhile back we here at Vegan Banana put together some vegan t-shirts for you!  Recently we’ve been given the opportunity to offer our designs on … Read More

Vegan News: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found On Pig Farm!

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Here’s a bit of terrifying vegan news for you  today.  Yes, antibiotic resistant bacteria or “superbug genes” have been found by researchers from the Ohio State University’s veterinary medicine team on a pig farm.  Here’s what NBC News is reporting… … Read More

Viraltag… A Blogging Tool For Successful Online Vegan Activism

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What’s Viraltag, a social sharing tool, got to do with blogging much less vegan activism? So glad you asked. Successful blogging or activism of any kind relies on getting your message in front of as many people as possible. Which … Read More

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