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Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary

Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary needs a lot more publicity.  I just found out about them, and they are just oozing with passion and love for their animals.  Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary does some great work, and it all started when they rescued two roosters!  

It made them realize that not only could they do good in the world by giving homes to these animals, but that they could handle the work.  Because, lets just be honest... Running a farm sanctuary is a lot of hard work.

These guys are taking it nice and slow on their expansions, not only because of funding, but because they want to be sure they are ready to take on the added responsibilities of the new animals they'll be bringing in.  It's this kind of responsible attitude that we should be sure to look for in places like this.

Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary has it's own line of hot sauces, and all the proceeds go towards helping to maintain and fund the various things needed at the sanctuary!  So, go on over and give those a look here!​

And if you want to learn more about everything else they do, and how you can help go on over to their website, Tamerlainefarm.com!

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