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The Vegan Dilemma…

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The Vegan Dilemma

If you haven't been struck by the vegan dilemma yet you should thank your lucky stars!  It has been made abundantly clear to both Briana and I that being vegan means your chances of being stranded on a deserted island go up to the point of it being almost inevitable!

And not just any deserted island either.  We vegans always seem to get stranded on one where we will have no option but to hunt wild pigs and BUNNIES for food or starve!

Honestly though, where do our carnivorous and omnivorous counterparts get their data?  You would think that a rash of mass vegan-strandings in the south seas would make it into the news.  

Is this some kind of plot by CNN, Fox and the other news outlets to hush things up?  Are the animal agriculture lobbyist paying them to keep it quiet?

​And how are all these vegans who have never set food on a boat in their lives arriving at all these tiny deserted islands?  Alien abductions?  Perhaps Scotty is beaming them up (or rather across, over or down)?  

Lastly, we'd like to know why stranded vegans can't find vegetation to eat?  I mean, if there's enough of it there to support a thriving community of pigs and rabbits there should be plenty for one lonely human too, right?​

So, now that you know it's coming you can prepare yourself for this vegan ordeal.​  We recommend getting a big purse and keeping it full of "emergency" Cliff Bars & Vegan Chocolate.  Ya know... just in case.

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