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The Vegan Insider’s Guide To Bonechar Free Sugar

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Are you wondering what the heck "bonechar free sugar" is? I have to admit the first time I heard about it I was like, "You mean there's even VEGAN SUGAR? What the heck (but I didn't say "heck") is wrong with sugar?" Turns out that there is indeed vegan sugar and there can be quite a lot wrong with the non-vegan kind.

First, you need to know that it really has nothing to do with the sugar itself, all sugar comes from plants. The trouble is in how the sugar is refined or processed. You see, sugar cane is full of stuff most folks don't want in their tea and that needs to be removed so only the sweet "sugar" is left behind.

And when that is filtered out a lot of sugar manufacturers use "bone char" or charcoal made from cow bones to do the filtering! Ewwwwwww right? And to think, I used to put that in my coffee, tea and cupcakes! Luckily there are lots of sugars you can easily get that don't have anything to do with bonechar. For example, all sugar made from beets is bonechar free sugar.

So if I was you, I'd start by taking a look at the packaging of the sugars sold in your local grocery store. You could be lucky and have something like Pioneer Sugar, which is a huge beet sugar producer based in Michigan, on your store's shelves. If you have this or any other beet sugar regularly stocked in your market then "Problem Solved" for you!

If not, you could ask them to special order it for you. Many grocery stores will happily do this for product they can get from their current suppliers at no extra cost to you. And as a bonus, if enough people ask them often enough they'll figure out it will be profitable for them to simply start stocking it!

Pro Tip: This Holds True For Any Product You Want Them To Carry NOT Just Bonechar Free Sugar!

Now if you're like me and you prefer to have as many of your groceries delivered right to your door instead of having to go out and fetch them all the time. Or if you live way out in the boonies (yes, boonies IS a technical term LOL) you may need to order your bonechar free sugar on the internet.

For your convenience we have put together a list of all the bonechar free sugar we've found on Amazon right down below. If you know of or sell another brand we haven't listed please let us know in the comments and we'll be sure to add it to our list asap!

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6 Responses

  1. Jim Chatman
    | Reply

    My favorite demerara sugar is made by Zulka. I get an 8-lb bag at Walmart for about $4.50, and it has no bonechar.


    Scroll down – it’s the last FAQ. 🙂

    Thanks, Zulka!

  2. Vegan Banana
    | Reply

    Awesome! Thank you Jim, we appreciate you sharing. That’s some of the most economical bonechar free sugar we’ve seen. It costs about the same as the Pioneer sugar we can get when we are at our home in Michigan. We added Zulka Sugar to our shopping online list but have to say it would ALMOST be worth a trip to our local Walmart to if we could get it at the price you mentioned.

  3. Jim Chatman
    | Reply

    Saw your post on Google+ today. 🙂

    As for buying Zulka at Walmart, when you live as rurally as 1 out of 5 Americans do and your grocery shopping options are as limited as what they are, you’re happy to be able to find quality vegan, GMO-free products wherever you can find them without having to drive for hours to shop.

    I’m no fan of Walmart, but until someone comes in and opens a store that carries Zulka – or other vegan, GMO-free products, Walmart it is.

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      We totally agree with you Jim! We all take our vegan products where we can get them. Our home in Michigan is way out in the middle of NOWHERE. Even the nearest Walmart is over 20 miles away. That is why Amazon is our friend. We get a great deal of our vegan “staples” from Amazon’s subscribe and save service. This is why we feature them so heavily on this blog. They help us so we figure they’ll b helpful to others.

  4. Tammy
    | Reply

    Thank you for the list! I love to share info like this to my family and coworkers! I use either Sugar on the Raw or Florida Crystals. Local Walmart has both. Also I have noticed that more local grocers are selling more vegan options. It’s slow going but there is evidence of change! Yahooee🤗

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      Of course! We’re happy to help in any way we can! Change is coming, even if its slow! We just have to keep moving forward. Thank you for the lovely comment. <3

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