These vegan bags make it easy to look great for any occasion. Whether your heading off to work, going back to school, taking the kids to the park or setting off for a night out with the girls. It's easy to be both vegan and stylish with one of these vegan bags.

We went out and scoured the vast depths of the internet to find all kinds of vegan bags.  From more traditional styles and looks to quirky cork clutches, you can find just about anything if you look hard enough.  


Your fashion statements don't have to include animal products.  These vegan clutches prove that you can be fashion forward and ethical at the same time!

​Shoulder Bags

Whether you are going to work or going out on the town a good over the shoulder bag is a useful thing to have.  A great accessory and critical for the stylish vegan on the go.  One of these babies will keep everything you need close to hand without sacrificing your personal style or ethics.


For those days when you need to be functional and professional all while keeping up with your ethics, we found a nice list of vegan brief cases!  We are still on the lookout for a traditional hard sided vegan briefcase.  Watch this space. 

Computer Bag

Whether you're traveling and need something to carry your laptop and all it's various bits and bobs (mouse, cord, mousepad... other stuff?) or just packing up to go sit down at your local coffee shop while you do a bit of work these are some pretty good, ethical, vegan choices.

Diaper Bag

When you're a mom, life is crazy.  It's hectic and insane.  So, when you go out and about with the family having a bag full of all the essentials couldn't be more important!  A spacious functional diaper bag is key.  While these below may seem a bit to fancy for that duty, they are far more practical in the long term.  Have you ever seen those silly little rubber ducky diaper bags?  What are you supposed to do with those after you no longer need a diaper bag?  These will function as lovely spacious purses once your little kid is out of diapers and into the big kid pants.

Tote Bag

Vegan tote bags are the perfect and most versatile of accessories!  Whether you're going to the gym, beach, or grocery store a tote bag will get you there in functional style.  Dress them up, dress them down, a tote can take you all around town.


Whether you're going to school and need a new backpack or just want it for something that has a little more room and organization, here we have some nice vegan options.  Loud prints or more down to earth functionality, we have both!

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