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Vegan Ballet Shoes For The Compassionate Dancer!

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Vegan Ballet Shoes Collage

We’ve gotten so many requests for this, so many people looking! So, without further ado… Here are the vegan ballet shoes we’ve found! It was perhaps… a tad more difficult than we had originally thought. Not only that, but there is a surprising lack of options in terms of brands. But, at least there are options for whatever your needs are! I found both ballet slippers and pointe shoes that are sure to suit our ethical needs. So, here we go!

 Pro-Line (Stretch Canvas) From Cynthia King Dance Studio


First off lets start with a lovely pair of vegan ballet shoes from Cynthia King Dance Studio.  This is their pro-line, and here’s what they have to say about it:

100% Vegan Split Sole Canvas Ballet Slippers- Improved synthetic split-sole, providing optimal grip- U-shaped vamp- Soft pleats- Delicate cushion at the ball and heel- Soft, breathable stretch canvas upper- CRUELTY FREE!

Okay, so.  These are vegan and cruelty free, as you can see.  They aren’t playing around either, these are professional quality vegan ballet shoes.  Some of the ONLY vegan ballet shoes, actually.  Who knew they’d be so hard to find?  I went into this post expecting this to be a pretty simple thing.  …Hah…heh..hah… simple.  The Pro-line doesn’t offer children’s sizes, but the Activiste line (which I’ll talk about in a moment here) does.

Vegan Pointe Shoes From Grishko

I gotta say, I was looking around forever trying to find vegan pointe shoes.  After much poking around I found out that Grishko will veganize some of their pointe shoes, not all, but quite a few models.  They can veganize the vegan pointe shoes with suede soles, switching it out for one made of cellulose instead!  They’ll even go so far to prove the safety and friendliness of their products by:

Staff at the Moscow factory often taste the glue to show customers that it is even edible!

As far as I can tell, Grishko is the only company who offers fully vegan pointe shoes, though I have heard rumor that Gaynor Minden is seriously considering making a vegan option available for their costumers.  I haven’t seen anything on their website, but I’ve heard read through my various poking that if you email/ask them for a vegan option they may provide one.  Meanwhile, Grishko is also willing and able to veganize their ballet slippers.

Activiste From Cynthia King Dance Studio

 Here is Cynthia King Dance Studio’s Activiste line of vegan ballet shoes.  Perfect for grown ups and kids alike, as it comes in both sizes!  Totally vegan, ethical, cruelty free.  They come in pink and black, so you have your pick there as well.

I Found A Video Talking About Both Grishko And Cynthia King Dance Studio’s Vegan Ballet Shoes!

I certainly found this useful, as she covers a few of the pros and cons of the shoes here. Tries on the ballet slippers and pointe shoes for you to see and discusses the feel of them.

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