rubber ducky scuba diverThe Vegan Banana strives to be and to help you to be the “vegan you wish you met before you became vegan.”

To that end we believe that graciousness and courtesy are key elements to fostering learning, understanding and ultimately lifestyle changes needed to make this world a better place for all.

We recognize that while many voices sharing make for better learning opportunities, they can also make for hurt or hard feelings when no guidance is given.

Therefore our rules for comments and discussions are designed to honor this sharing.

Our Four Rules…

  • Be honest and fair, yet gracious.
  • No ad hominem attacks or gratuitous meanness.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Add value, don’t take it away.

Comments must reflect the subject under discussion. Do not use the comment threads purely to promote your own site, product or business. We also ask you to refrain from closing your comment with a signature url (there is a place in the comment form for this).

These rules are designed to be simple and easily understood to protect the many good intentions that are essential to promote our vegan lifestyle without alienating one another or more importantly those seeking information on how best to become vegan.

Warnings will not be given by us.  Comments will be removed and violators will be placed on “comment review” or blocked (at our discretion).  However, you can be sure your fellow posters will let you (and us) know when you are out of line.

This does not mean that everyone must always get along or share similar views.  Just that we expect “common courtesy” to reign supreme!  Vegan Banana is about helping people become and stay vegan. We work hard every day to carry out this mission. Please join us.

Expect Success!

ShellyB, Briana & The Bobo Dog


P.S.  Also, we are happy to hear anything you have to say to us privately.  Any comments, criticism or concerns about the site, it’s content or our policies.  These can be directed to our team via our “CONTACT” form not thru the post comments.  This helps to ensure that your feedback is seen by the people who can address it promptly and correctly. It also keeps the comment threads on topic.  Thank you.


Comment Policy FAQ…

Will I Get A Warning If I Break The Rules?

No. Our rules are simple and self-evident.  You don’t need a message from a moderator to know when you break them.  If your comments disappear from the site and your future comments take a while to post (or never post) then it’s safe to assume you broke the rules and are being moderated or have been banned.

What Does Adding Value Mean?

Sharing another point of view on a topic.  Being productive and helpful to other commentors.  Mentioning something you liked or didn’t like about the post or a comment in the thread.  If you dislike something, saying so politely and offering a helpful alternative.  If you have tried something or have a different idea for how to do something, tell us and perhaps share a link when it is HELPFUL and not just self-serving.

I Don’t Like Someone’s Comment.  Can I Complain About It?

First, take a deep breath and see if you simply disagree with that persons opinion.  We want to encourage fair discussion and exchange of ideas so we all can learn something new or a better way to approach our vegan lives.  If you just don’t like someone’s opinion, that’s not a good enough reason to complain about it.  Feel free do disagree “POLITELY” in the thread but don’t complain to us.

If they were mean, rude, off-topic, spamming or doing something else that breaks our comment rules, please notify us by using our CONTACT form and we will look into asap.