Vegan T Shirt Collection by Raging Daffodil

Looking for that prefect Vegan T Shirt?  Look no further. Vegan Banana Designs has a wide selection of cute, compassionate, clever and snarky sayings along with art designed exclusively for our Vegan T-Shirts by Raging Daffodil! 

Don't wait one day longer to SHOUT (non-verbally of course) to all and sundry that you are a member of Tribe Vegan!

If there is something you are wanting but don't see in our collection please don't hesitate to contact us with a request.  We are always on the lookout for new inspiration and ideas.

Vegan Banana Shirts come in a full range of sizes (from small to 3X) and colors in both men's and women's T shirts as well as hoodies.

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"Vegan Since" T Shirts

Are you a new vegan?  Or maybe you've been vegan for a decade or a few decades even!  Either way these new "Vegan Since" T Shirts will let you shout it out with style.​

Proudly proclaim to the world not only that you ARE VEGAN but how long you've been helping to save the world with one of these stylish "Vegan Since" shirts.  

We're not usually ones to promote "One-Upmanship" but in this instance we think we'll make an exception.  Announcing to the world when YOU started doing your personal bit to "Save The Earth", "Save Animals" and "Save Your Health" is worth bragging about!

They come in a full range of sizes (from small to 3X) and colors in both men's and women's T shirts as well as hoodies.

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Vegan Mugs You Don't Want To Miss...

Our super cute vegan mugs are a great way to "passively" show your vegan spirit!  Yep, all too often we vegans are a bit to excited about all the good we are doing for the planet for the non-vegans we rub shoulders with on a daily basis.  

You'll find that one of these Vegan Mugs is just the thing to keep veganism prickling their conscience without you needing to say a word.

In fact, vegan mugs, like "Pigs Are People Too", make excellent gifts for non-vegans for this very reason.  Of course, they are perfect for all the vegans you know too, for obvious reasons. LOL

So whether you love coffee, tea, cider or mulled wine one of these delightful vegan mugs will brighten your day as well as leave no doubt in anyone's mind about your cruelty free lifestyle!

Psst!  They make great pencil holders too.  Just sayin :)​

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Vegan Since Mug Collection... 

Bragging can be a good thing when you're doing it for a good cause!  Especially when you do it passively like sipping your coffee in front of your non-vegan friends out of a "Vegan Since" Mug.  

Honestly, we can't think of a better reason to brag than sharing with the world how long you've been a card carrying vegan.  Are we right?  After All...

  • You ARE saving animals
  • You ARE making a dent in global warming
  • You ARE conserving water

Aren't you?  Why not let the world know how long you've been such a planetary hero?

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About Our Vegan T Shirts

The fabric content for most of the tees are pre-shrunk 100% cotton, however, sports grey will be a 90/10 cotton/poly blend. Dark grey tees are a 50/50 cotton/poly blend. Hoodies are all 50/50 cotton/poly blend.​

Although the t-shirts are labeled as "preshrunk" cotton, we do often see some shrinking, particularly if you use the "volcano" setting on the dryer. Typically running the first wash in cold water and the delicate setting will help keep the sizing truer. As for hoodies, they tend to be a little sturdier. You might see a little shrinking right out of the dryer, but they will generally bounce back into shape after being worn for a bit.