We went out on a mission to make a guide that'll make finding animal friendly vegan boots for you and your family easy.  Our goal is to spotlight a little of everything.  From hiking boots to make even the most arduous of treks possible to some stylish little ankle boots for all your fall fashion needs, we found it. 

Something I will say about this is... hot damn is it hard to find men's... ANYTHING.  So, you will see some men's options missing here.  Sorry about that.  We'll keep coming back to edit this when we have time to really dive deep and find good quality men's vegan boots for you.  Of all kinds.​

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Hiking Boots

Have you had trouble finding good, solid hiking boots that don't have any of those ridiculous and unnecessary little leather detail bits?  You aren't alone.  It's a pain.  Luckily, we found a few here and hopefully you like them as much as we do! 

​Winter Boots

As someone who lived in a place where 4 feet of snow in the winter was not only normal, but expected, I understand the importance of solid and functional winter boots.  Nobody likes wet, frozen feet.  So, I pulled together a collection of some vegan winter boots for you all to look at!

​Cowboy Boots

There's nothing quite like stomping around in a nice pair of cowboy boots.  You end up feeling like such an unstoppable badass!  No one can take you down!  With that said, I had a lot of trouble finding vegan cowboy boots for all you men out there.  Don't worry though, I'll be diving in even more soon so that we have suitable options for everyone. 

​Ankle Boots

Historically speaking ankle boots tend to be unisex footwear.  Since the 1900's they have been popular without much pause. Usually worn under slacks or pants by men and women alike.  The selection of vegan ankle boots below lets you maintain your style while keeping your ethics intact.

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​Men's Boots

Men's vegan boots come in a variety of styles!  We keep hearing from our friends on social media that the fella's keep getting left out when it comes to vegan fashion.  So we offer up these vegan boots for men as a peace offering.  We've got you covered, from simple and functional work boots to more outlandish and fun statement pieces!  

​Women's Boots

Women's vegan boots also come in a variety of of styles, ranging from the practical to the totally impractical and glorious.  Whatever your needs or desires, there's a vegan boot that's just right for you!

​Combat Boots

If you're anything like me, you love a good combat boot because they are both practical and stylish in an edgy sort of way.  So, finding a nice vegan alternative is a must on your list of "to do's".  So, here I found a nice collection of vegan combat boots!

​Biker Boots

Don't get left in the dust with these vegan biker boots!  Whether you just want a pair because you love the look or you're actually going to go tear up the highway on your motorcycle, here are some excellent ethical choices for you!

​Duck Boots

Check out these vegan duck boots (also known as Maine Hunting Shoes but don't let that name put you off). Originally introduced by Bean Boots (now L.L. Bean) back in 1911 they were an instant success back then and remain popular to this day. Enjoy these without any of the cruelty of the originals.

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