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Vegan Butcher Just Plain Wrong, The Unnatural Vegans Gloriously Beautiful Response

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Is the idea of a "vegan butcher shop" confusing to you?  Do you think it's false advertising because someone might walk in and and be surprised not to find chopped up dead animals?  

In a society that seems to strive on being politically correct all the time, do we not see something wrong with a food establishment featuring meat-free meat calling itself a “butcher”?  After all, by definition a butcher is a person who harvests animals and handcrafts the meat into desirable cuts we all love to devour.

If you select a meatless meal or meatless diet — fair enough; then it only leaves more meat for the rest of us to savor.

However, someone needs to explain to me what exactly is the fascination of creating faux meat and cheese that looks precisely the same thing as the real deal — hoping to trick meat lovers into eating tofu bacon?​

Yet, the hardest part of the Herbivorous Butcher’s mission to swallow is the statement “negative impact to animals”. I am thankful everyday that God gave us the animals and plants to nourish our bodies. Livestock producers do not take the animals they raise for granted and treat them with the utmost respect by passionately caring for them everyday.

Cheryl Day

That's exactly what Cheryl Day in an article over from the "National Hog Farmer" website claims.  She spends a great deal of time criticizing the Herbivorous Butcher for their naming choices.  According to Cheryl,  it is unethical for them to call themselves that, as people might be confused!  

I mean, who'd want to walk into a butcher shop and be surprised by... FAUX MEAT.  *Gasp*

Luckily for us, The Unnatural Vegan has just smashed ALL Ms. Day's arguments with wit and style.  The Unnatual Vegan's breakdown here is lovely.  Enjoy, and have fun!

P.S. If you want to read her article for yourself here it is. Honestly, the comment responses are well written and worth reading.

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2 Responses

  1. ModVegan
    | Reply

    I don’t really get how anyone could be offended by this. It’s an awesome concept, the store looks fantastic, and I’m just sad there isn’t one in my town.

  2. Mimmi
    | Reply

    People will get offended for anything these days. I love this response though! Well done!

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