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“Vegan Is Love” Children’s Author Has The Most Eloquent Responses Ever

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Ruby Roth author of Vegan Is Love talks about many reasons to be vegan and how it's a great way to be happy and healthy.  The news anchors in this video bring up whether it's alright to talk in such blunt language about Veganism to a child, and if the imagery is to much, but she has a great response for them.

Ruby Roth basically tells them that it's never to early to explain what's happening to them in their world, and their food is a part of that.  We can't afford to wait for children to grow up to learn these things, and neither can they.  She explains all this and more, in a beautiful and in very straightforward language.  I certainly wish I could be this eloquent when under fire. 

Something else awesome to glean from this is that there are vegan children's books, and when I went to look up ​her book Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action I was happily surprised to see that it was also a bestseller over on Amazon!

Hanging out on a vegan subreddit can certainly lead to finding some cool stuff!  Like this, finding out about an awesome author of vegan children's books!  Who, by the way, has some awesome responses to these news anchors questions. I wish I was this eloquent when responding to some of the questions we get.

She has more than one book, too.  In fact, she has four!  And here they all are!

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