Think all vegan clothes are clunky things made from burlap and tye-dye?  Think again!  We've been on a mission to find the coolest vegan leather leggings, jackets and belts.  Add to that the things folks are doing with microfibers these days and you'll be so toasty warm in your vegan coat that you'll wonder why you didn't ditch wool a long time ago.  And you don't want to get us started on the awesome things they are doing with hemp, cork and recycled fibers these days.  In short, you'll be every bit as fashionable as in your vegan clothes as you ever were.

Vegan Leather Leggings

Okay, seriously?  Aren't these vegan leather leggings badass?  They make me want to get out my combat boots and go stomping around.  Because I'm pretty sure these prove that cruelty free CAN be sexy and tough.

Vegan Belts

Here's a nice selection of vegan belts for the vegan on the go.  Whether you want a belt as a fashion statement or you're looking for something a little more practical, there's something out there for you.

Vegan Wallets

Real leather wallets are quickly becoming a thing of the past, what with vegan leather becoming better and better all the time.  Add on the amazing things people are using cork for and we have some of the most amazing vegan wallets around!

Vegan Winter Coats

Don't worry, you aren't about to freeze your butts off in winter just because your vegan.  There are some amazing vegan winter coat options out there, for men and women.  Here are just a few!  We're going to keep adding more and more as we find them, so stay on the lookout as the snowy season floats over us.

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