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How Nostradamus Predicted Vegan Computer Bags… No Really!

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These vegan computer bags prove that you don't have to give up style or function to live a cruelty free lifestyle just like Nostradamus said they would!  Ok, maybe not, but don't you just LOVE shoving vegan stereotypes to the curb!  Oh come on, you know what I'm talking about, right?  The notion that vegans are all gawky, tree hugging, granola eating, Birkenstock wearing hippies with no style.  

Ok, so set aside the fact that BOHO IS a style in it's own right and go with me on this.  The point is that these days you can be vegan AND very stylish.  So stylish in fact, that if you are using one of these vegan computer bags you'll have all your friends wanting to know where to get one for themselves.  Even if they aren't vegan... yet.  

SORRENTINO Sori Collection Men's Structured Messenger

We love the fold over top and buckle on this vegan computer bag.  But don't worry that you'll have to actually work the buckle each time you put your laptop into or take it out.  The buckle is decorative only.  There is a catch behind it that locks the cover in place.  Something else we like about this bag is it is lined with cotton and is machine washable on the gentle cycle for when the inevitable happens and something gets spilled or splashed onto or into it.

Axis Vegan Leather Messenger Laptop Bag

Don't let the thin size of this vegan computer bag fool you.  There is plenty of room inside for all your gadgets and what-nots! And the way it folds open makes finding and storing things a snap.  The sleek style makes this bag suitable for both men and women of any age.

Cotton Camouflage And Vegan Leather Computer Bag

​Made the vegan leather framework supports a removable (washable) cotton insert that keeps your laptop or anything else you want to lug around in here safe and sound.  We love how versatile this design is.  You can literally swap out linings depending on your mood.  This makes vegan leather laptop bags the ultimate fashion statement.  Have one to match all your favorite outfits!

Graceship Laptop Bag for Women

Classic and classy, of all the vegan laptop bags we researched, this one best combines the functions of computer case and purse.  It's classic lines and simple yet elegant closure will compliment any outfit.  And it's big enough to hold most 15 inch laptops on one side and all your purse stuff on the other.  The vegan leather it is made of is durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean. BONUS! It fits easily under airplane seats, too!.

Rockdale Classic Laptop Messenger Bag

Messenger bag meets laptop case.  That's what we thought when we first spotted this little beauty in a list of vegan laptop bags.  It has a padded laptop compartment that is designed to protect your laptop of upto 15.6 inches.  It's strong metal clasps are quick to open yet sturdy and stay closed way better than the magnetic ones do.  The shoulder strap is fully adjustable so it'll be a good fit for both men and women.  We're betting that college students will love this cruelty free computer bag.

Ok, so even if Nostradamus didn't predict the rise in popularity of vegan laptop bags (but seriously, who can truly say he didn't?) you have to admit it's about time manufacturers got a clue and realize that VEGAN is the wave of the future.  Focusing on us and our needs is the only way they are going to survive in our bright new VEGAN WORLD!

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