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Vegan Condoms… Wait Condoms Aren’t Vegan?!

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Vegan Condoms

Now, when you read the title "Vegan Condoms" I know what you were thinking... "Condoms aren't vegan? What the hell are you talking about?" but it's true! Most name brand condoms aren't vegan for one simple reason.  They are made with milk!  Casein to be precise, which is a milk derived protein. It is used in making most popular condoms. Yes, there is milk being used to make your condoms.

What the actual frack is up with this, right?  Can't we even have sex without having to worry about this kind of thing anymore?  Apparently not.  So, I decided to look into if there were vegan safe condoms and if there ARE what are they?  Can I buy them?  If so, where?!

Why Aren't Condoms Vegan?

Without Further Ado Here Are My Findings:

The good news is that we have some serious options, and not only are they vegan but on a whole they are healthier for our bodies.  Vegan condoms omit the casein as well as harmful chemicals like Nonoxynol-9 (N-9), which is a spermicide and has been linked to higher rates of STD transmission because the people who use it have a higher chance of vaginal lesions.  Ow. Just no.  Ow.

​Furthermore, they don't use any parabens or glycerin.  There has been recent concern with parabens and their possible connection to certain cancers, such as breast cancer.  Meanwhile glycerin increases the risk for yeast infections on the part of the lady.  Which, anyone with a vagina can tell you is no fun.  I'm going to repeat myself.  Ow.

For the first vegan condom brand I found:

Sir Richards​

Vegan Condoms, Sir Richards

The funniest thing is, I saw these guys awhile ago and had been looking for them (I had forgotten the name)​ because they were amusing and also PETA-Approved and seemed very health conscious beyond the whole "lets not get STD's or have any unwanted pregnancies" thing.  ...Which is the most important part, but, still.  

So least to say, I had a mini spaz when I recognized these guys.  Since rediscovering Sir Richards I found out that for every condom you buy they also donate one to people in need in Haiti with their distribution partner, Partners In Health.

They are also currently working with (RED), 5% of the proceeds's from every Red Special Edition Box they sell goes to (RED), a charity working to against AIDS.


Vegan Condoms, Glyde

Glyde was the second brand of vegan condoms I found, and not only are these guys vegan but they also utilize Fair Trade. They use all natural ingredients too, meaning there are no potentially annoying chemicals used. All this basically sums up to mean these condoms are organic and don't contain GMO's!

The thing that really stuck with me with Glyde is that they are Fair Trade. If you aren't familiar with the term it basically means that they are ensuring that the people working to make the condoms from start to finish are fairly compensated for the work that they do. So, from gathering the latex from the rubber trees to the process of condom inspection the workers are making a fair amount are treated appropriately.

And to top it all off, they are careful to maintain that they are harvesting all of their ingredients in a sustainable way. If you want to learn more about all of this instead of the short summarization I can do here, I'm including a link to their FAQ here!

L. Condoms​

Vegan Condoms, L. Condoms

L. is an amazing condom brand with a great message and goal. Not only are they making great all natural vegan condoms free of parabens, glycerin and all that other nasty stuff but for every condom one of us buys they are donate one to a community in need over in Africa.

The reason behind the making of this brand was actually to help the communities most affected by AIDS and HIV in Africa. They wanted to make a healthy, ethical, and reliable condom. So they made L. Condoms.

Not only are these guys donating condoms, but they are also working with local women so that they can educate their communities and distribute the condoms AND they are starting to work to get better educating in the schools and easier access and understanding about condoms.​ If you want to know more, go on over here and watch their story.

b Condoms​

Vegan Condoms, b Condoms

b Condoms are similarly high in quality to the rest of the options here, vegan with premium all natural latex. They are working to promote health within our own communities. They are looking to start a conversation about sexual health where we are normally quiet.

bYourself and bhealthy.

If You Want To Learn More About Condoms In General...
Here's One Of My Favorite Youtubers!

Keep in mind this is merely information meant to show people the different kinds of sexual protection, it's not intended to be strictly vegan or anything.  So she does mention Lambskin condoms. Big Ewwwww there...  Also, yes, she is wearing a vest made of condoms.

If You Were Just As Shocked As We Were To Find This Out,
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