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Vegan Cooking 101: How To Cook Brown Rice

Vegan Cooking... How To Cook Brown Rice

We've had a few folks asking how to cook brown rice so it doesn't stick lately.  Which got us to thinking that a series of "cooking basics" posts would help to make vegan easy for you because it seems that one of the biggest challenges for new vegans is learning how to "cook" instead of "heat" food.  To help ya'll out we are adding this new weekly feature... Vegan Cooking 101!

Let us start by saying that if you don't know how to cook from scratch all that well it's not your fault!  Our culture here in the USA (and most other western cultures for that matter) don't encourage real cooking any more.  Ours is a "heat'n eat" society now.  Most of the foods offered in grocery stores are processed and "pre-made" in some way so you don't need to learn how to cook.

Most of our food has been processed to the point of no return when it comes to nutrition and it's no secret that the vast majority of it is NOT made for vegans.​  That's where "Vegan Cooking 101" comes in.  We are going to cover a basic cooking skill each week so you can easily make your own nutritious vegan food.  Once you get started you'll be amazed at how fast, simple and inexpensive it is to be vegan.

​How To Cook Brown Rice...

First off cooking any kind of rice is basically the same whether it's brown, white, short grain, long grain or whatever.   The only rice that you may need to fiddle with the recipe for is wild rice and then only a little.  You may need to adjust by adding a little more water and/or lengthen the cooking time for that but otherwise the following will work for any kind of rice you have.

You won't find this technique on the back of any rice package but we promise once you try this you'll never go back to making rice any other way.  Our rice was always sticky until we learned this super slick rice cooking trick.

What You Need To Cook Brown Rice...

  • 1 Cup of Rice
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 1 Pot
  • 1 Towel (kitchen type)

How To Cook Brown Rice...​

  • Measure rice into your pot
  • Rinse and drain rice 3-4 times with cold water
  • Measure 1 cup of water into your pot with the rinsed rice
  • Bring water to a boil
  • Turn OFF heat. Cover pot with towel then put the lid on tightly ON TOP OF THE TOWEL.  Fold the four corners of the towel up over the top of the lid so it will not catch fire.
  • Turn heat back on LOW (use the lowest setting. We are talking about candle flame low here) and cook for 10 minutes
  • Do NOT Lift The Lid During The 10 Minutes!

When ten minutes have passed you will have the most perfectly cooked brown rice (or any kind of rice) you have ever seen!  This technique scales so you don't have to worry how much rice you want to make.  One, two, four or more cups or rice will cook up just fine as long as you keep the ratio of water to rice the same and use a large enough pot.

Vegan Cooking 101: How To Cook Brown Rice... The Video!​

Rice Cooking Supplies...

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