Vegan Fashion Ideas For You

Being cruelty free is always "IN" and that's why vegan fashion is the style of the future! When you toss the generally lower cost of vegan fabrics into the mix it's a total win for everyone. You save money and no animal has to die for your fashion statement!

​Millennial shoppers get this in droves. As a group they are very eco-conscious and prefer "fast fashion" where style trumps durability. Seriously, who wants to buy a jacket made out of dead animal skin who's main selling point is that it will last for decades when it'll be out of fashion next season?

​Designers and brands like Hilgart, Free People, Sole Society get it and are switching more and more of their line over to cruelty free vegan fashion materials. In some cases more than half their lines are already vegan. BONUS: new all vegan fashion lines are springing up all the time.

​Vegan Fashion Doesn't Stop At What YOU Wear!

​Today there are really good vegan home decor choices for you too. Things like faux leather furniture is as durable and comes in better color choices than the non-vegan alternatives. Pet designers are getting the message too and a much wider selection of vegan dog collars, cat collars and vegan pet furniture options are being offered all the time. So now your pets can step out in style while respecting the lives of others right along with you.

​Supporting designers and companies that are taking the plunge and producing vegan fashion for you, your pets and your home is critically important. They will only continue to do so if it is profitable. And we know you can't buy what you can't find. That is why we make it a goal to bring vegan fashion choices to your attention at least once a week.

​Stylish & Fun Vegan Fashion Ideas For You!

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