Vegan 101
Vegan 101… Go Vegan! Save The World!

Vegan 101… The vegan revolution is exploding around the world. Gone are the days when vegans were looked on as those “hippy weirdo’s” or “granola eating tree huggers”. Our compassionate & healthy lifestyle has moved happily into the mainstream.

It’s never been easier to “go vegan” and start living a healthy, cruelty-free life! We are even being courted by eateries and food manufacturers vying for our business. And yet, it’s hard to change habits and traditions instilled in you since birth. Ideas and expectations pushed onto you by less enlightened family and friends.

Perhaps you are new to this lifestyle. Perhaps someone close to you is. Perhaps you’ve heard about the avalanche of people going vegan and want to know what the heck that means.

We get that you’ve got questions like these…

Why Vegan…? digs deep into the three main reasons folks opt for a vegan lifestyle… health, environment and animal rights. If you’re on the fence or need help explaining your decision to family and friends this will help.

What Is Vegan…? Taking a step back we examine what it means to be vegan and in some cases what it doesn’t mean. We’ll even take a stab at the different kinds of veganism and help you decide how you want to fit yourself into the mix.

Going Vegan… Don’t let anyone kid you, going vegan is hard to do. No matter what people glibly spout on Twitter, the journey to becoming vegan is a difficult one. The deck is stacked against you. In our Carnist society, the powers that be have a vested interest in your failure. But we are here to help you SUCCEED!

What Do Vegans Eat…? When you’re raised in a “Meat’n Potatoes” home, like I was, it’s difficult to wrap your head around how to put a “proper” meal onto the table when you remove those things from the menu. Check out all my silly mistakes and learn to “Eat Smart, Fun & Vegan”.

Vegan Diet Deficiencies… Every vegan or budding vegan has herd this one more times than they can count “Where do you get your protein?” We tackle it head on and help you understand what is and is not a health issue for folks eating a plant based diet.

Stocking A Vegan Pantry… Implicit in the notion of living a “compassionate lifestyle” is the notion of living a “healthy lifestyle”. To do that means learning what real food is and how to cook it. We’ll kick start your efforts by showing you what staples you’ll want to keep on hand.

Vegan Substitutes… Let’s face it, going vegan is a big change for most of us.  Being able to indulge in the comfort foods we are used to is just plain smart and will make your new vegan life so much easier.  To that end we offer these simple vegan substitutes so you can adapt your favorite recipes to your new vegan lifestyle.

Vegan In A Pinch… No one wants to cook everything from scratch and sometimes it’s just not possible to cook. Here we’ll share with you those “ready to eat” foods that are either “accidentally vegan” or marketed specifically for vegans.

Dealing With Food Bullies… Your decision to adopt a healthy, cruelty free diet will threaten many folks in your sphere. Nothing can turn otherwise sweet, loving people into jerks quiet like being forced to take a long, hard look at themselves and their own choices. Don’t let their baggage be yours!

So… Don’t worry, no matter where you are in your vegan journey, we’re here to help. You can hold your ground amongst the “Carnist Majority” and even help bring them on board. Stranger things have happened. I mean, odds are YOU weren’t born vegan, right?  Feel free to send them here to this vegan 101 page to get their questions answered.  Or better still, visit with them so YOU can answer their questions as they pop up.

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