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Vegan On A Budget? Vegan Freezer Meals Are The Answer

Vegan Freezer Meals

Think vegan food is too expensive? Homemade vegan freezer meals keep your food costs down. They also pump up nutrition and save you lots of time in the kitchen. It is totally possible to be vegan on a budget and eat like a king without spending your life slaving away over the stove.

​These days, we often hear folks bellyache about how expensive it is to "go vegan." And they aren't complaining about the cost of shoes, either. No, I'm sorry to say, they think they can't afford to eat a vegan diet.

​To tell you the truth, there is a nugget of truth in their thinking. It would cost a fortune if all you ever bought was "heat'n eat" vegan convenience foods. There is no way around it, stuff like "Amy's Vegan Burgers" are pricy.

​Luckily, it's really easy to make your own vegan freezer meals! That way you can have ready to serve, healthy vegan meals or snacks on hand all the time. It just takes a little organization and planning.

Let me explain...

​One of the first things I learned when I started cooking is that it's just as easy to whip up a big pot of spaghetti sauce as it is to cook a small one. Let's face it, leftovers are god's gift to busy folks the world over. It's like having the night off cooking while still enjoying a nutritious home cooked meal because all you need to do is heat it up. Right?

​The rub is, most folks don't want to have the same meal night after night. That's where vegan freezer meals come in. Instead of serving up the same thing for dinner three nights in a row freeze them in serving size portions and enjoy them next week or even next month.

Here's How I Make Vegan Freezer Meals...

​When I cook something that can be frozen I make sure there's going to be leftovers. Then after we eat, I pack up the left overs in either single serving or meal size portions and pop them into the freezer.

​Don't stress over this. If you know that your vegan spaghetti recipe will make 6 meals but there are only 4 of you, no worries. Just freeze the two leftover single servings and move on. If you do this every night for a week you'll have 14 vegan freezer meals stored up for later. If you want to get really crazy go ahead and double your recipe and you'll be that much more ahead of the game.

Vegan Freezer Meal ​Pro Tips...

Well there you have it, possibly my best tip for being vegan on a budget. Give this a try and you can't help but save yourself a lot of time and money. When you add to that the better taste and nutrition to vegan freezer meals it really becomes a "no-brainer".

Do you make your own vegan freezer meals? If so, what is your favorite recipe or tip?
Won't you please share in the comments below so we all can get smarter?

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