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Vegan Holiday Cookbook Collection

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Vegan Holiday Cookbook Collection

With the holidays fast approaching we thought that a vegan holiday cookbook collection would be a yummy way to kick off the season in style.  If your vegan journey is anything like ours was Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed like your own personal hell on earth.  I mean without the ham or turkey WHAT DO YOU SERVE?

Yes, very narrow thinking.  I know that now but back when I was totally new to all this I had trouble figuring out what to put together for an ordinary dinner much less for a freaking holiday feast!​  So to spare you the mind numbing angst we've put together this collection of Vegan Holiday Experts to guide you thru what we now have come to realize is the TASTIEST time of year in cruelty free fashion.

Vegan Holiday Kitchen

By Nava Atlas

Nava Atlas is a trusted friend and groundbreaking visionary when it comes to vegan cooking.  She literally paved the way for most everyone else.  Her recipes are always easy to follow, delicious and beautifully presented with lovely photos.  This book, "Vegan Holiday Kitchen",is no exception.  She starts with Thanksgiving then moves on thru the season.  She even includes the Jewish holidays with distinctions for the Sephardic and Ashkenazi variations.

Vegan Holiday Cooking

If you are looking for innovative and delicious holiday fare then "Vegan Holiday Cooking" is for you.  These recipes are collected from many of New York's award winning vegan chefs.  If you love spending time in the kitchen and presenting mind blowing dishes for the holidays this book is for you.  There are menus for every occasion here, from Super Bowl Sunday to Christmas dinner.  Note: It is a collection of SPECIAL OCCASION recipes not healthy recipes or weight loss recipes.  If that is specifically what you are after then you'll want to give this book a miss.  However if you want to WOW your in-laws with a stunning chef quality meal, you NEED this book!

Vegan For The Holidays

Vegan For The Holidays is chock full of an assortment of delectable recipes for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year's Day.  Some of the offerings are very fancy indeed, requiring much time in the kitchen and in our opinion would only be made for special occasion such as the title suggests.  However, a great many of the dishes in this book, while festive, are simple enough to grace your table year round.  The recipes are largely low fat and several are no-fat-added.  So there is something for everyone included here.

Happy Herbivore Holiday & Gatherings Cookbook

If you are looking for a book that combines "healthy" and "Holiday" together in one place the "Happy Herbivore Holiday's & Gatherings" is just what the doctor ordered!  All the luscious vegan recipes in this book rely upon wholesome whole foods for their lovely flavor and style, not a lot of processed junk.  Recipe difficulty is a nice mix of stunning show stoppers to fuss free fare.  A great many of the dishes have been omnivore approved as well.

Gluten Free & Vegan Holidays

Gluten Free And Vegan Holidays contains a collection of 70 simple, satisfying and stylish recipes with a holiday flair.  Included are dishes for twelve months of holidays not just the winter ones.  Celebrate Easter, Independence Day, Valentines Day as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas in gluten free vegan style.  This book is a must for celiac vegans and those who need to cook for one. 

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