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5 Awesome Vegan Holiday Main Dish Recipes!

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Vegan Holiday Main Dish Recipes Collage

Having trouble figuring out what to do for the main dish of your big family get together this holiday season?  Well, I've gone out and found 5 vegan holiday main dish recipes to help get you through this!  Some to give a nice traditional flair to your holiday...

Others are not so traditional!  These'll give an entirely different and new feel to your holiday meal that's sure to awe your family and friends!  Here, have a look at these vegan holiday main dish recipes for yourself!​

Sweet Potato Lasagna

Vegan Holiday Main Dish Recipes, Sweet Potato Lasagna

When I first saw this, I was in awe of the idea of it.  A noodle free lasagna for the holidays. Talk about a way to kick of your Christmas meal!  I was searching around for ideas for our holiday feast and came across this.  I'm not sure if it'll end up on the table at Christmas, but it's something I'm DEFINITELY going to be giving a good try.

I found this over at ​minimalistbaker.com, you can see the recipe here!

Grilled Cauliflower With Winter Pesto

Vegan Holiday Main Dish Recipes, Grilled Cauliflower

Grilled cauliflower, pesto, and a white bean mash?  I'm in!  I don't know about you guys, but I've always rather liked cauliflower!  It wasn't until I went Vegan that I actually started thinking of it as more than just a "steamed side veggie", so having it here as the perhaps a main course for the holidays?  Mmmhmm, yes please.

This awesome recipe is from over at jamieoliver.com, go look at the recipe here!​

Classic Veggie Shepherds Pie

Vegan Holiday Main Dish Recipes, Shepherds Pie

Talk about traditional comfort food in action here.  This is a classic dish gone veg and it's great, as there are very few people I can think of that I know who don't enjoy a good sheperds pie.  So, what better way to kick off a busy holiday then serving up some comfort food for everybody to enjoy around the table.

This soothing Shepherds Pie is from vegkitchen.com, so if you want to see the recipe go here!​

Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf

Vegan Holiday Main Dish Recipes, Lentil Loaf

A lentil loaf is another great option for the holiday season, it's warm and hearty making it a perfect option as a main dish.  It's also something even the carnies in your life will recognize, albeit in a slightly different form (it's not meatloaf)! And lets face it, during family time this year, it can be nice to not constantly hear "OMG WHAT IS IT." I may or may not be speaking from personal experience here.

If you think that this will help you on your quest for holiday peace, you can find it here from ohsheglows.com.​

Wild Rice, Lentil And Cranberry Stuffed Delicata Squash

Vegan Holiday Main Dish Recipes, Stuffed Sqash

And almost last is this gloriously stuffed squash.  It's far superior to a stuffed turkey, if you don't mind my saying.  I mean, just look at it.  It's got lentils, wild rice, cranberries.  Squash.  It's just asking to be dolled up and served on a beautiful platter, don't you guys agree?

 If you do, you can find it here at ohmyveggies.com!​

Bonus Recipe!  The Tofucken-... Er, Tofurken...Tofu-Thing.  Just Watch.


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