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Vegan In A Pinch: 5 Candies You Can Give Out On Halloween

Vegan In A Pinch Halloween Candy Collage001It’s almost that time of year!  Halloween is just around the corner and finding ethical candy to toss into all those cute little kids buckets can be challenging when you aren’t sure what to look for!  You don’t want to concern parents with strange brands anymore then you want to buy candy that might contain gelatin (which is derived from animal skin, tendons, cartilage, ligaments and sometimes bones!), or some other animal product!

So, we have some everyday candy brands here that as far as we know are accidentally vegan!  No animals plus some twizzlers make for happy kids, happy mama’s and a happy you.


Yessir, Twizzlers are vegan.  It’s something that’s readily available in individually wrapped packages, especially this time of year and you don’t have to worry about giving it to the kids.  Or just keep for yourself.  To eat.  …Them all.  My mother (Shelly, and the other half of the Vegan Banana) does that.


What kid doesn’t like Airheads?  I don’t think I’ve encountered one yet, honestly.  Vegan and yummy these are sure to be a hit with the kids.  You’ll be that cool house on the block giving out the good candy.  Maybe even good enough to attempt a second go around.


These were one of my favorites as a kid, I really enjoyed Dots.  Okay, I still like them I just don’t eat them quite as often as I used to.  You can get those tiny little boxes of these during this time of year that make for the perfect Halloween handout!

Jolly Ranchers Hard Candies AND Lollipops

Those little hard candies that you just suck on for ages?  Vegan.  Kids and adults alike enjoy these little suckers.  Being individually wrapped, these are really the perfect for handing out at Halloween.


I remember always getting handfuls of these little chalky candies at Halloween.  Everyone in the family liked them, which was good because we always had enough to go around.  It’s likely because these always come in tiny little packaged rolls suitable for tossing into buckets and pillow cases.

That concludes our special spooky edition of Vegan In A Pinch.  Halloween is just around the corner so don’t forget to grab all those yummy vegan candies for the kids!  They’ll certainly thank you!

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