Our "Vegan In A Pinch" series shows you ways to shop vegan or eat vegan in non-vegan environments. I mean seriously, what's a poor vegan to do when you're starving and there's not a vegan shop or eatery within a hundred miles?  Knowing what is or isn't vegan in mainstream markets is key to keeping your conscience clean when traveling or just hanging out with non-vegan friends.

​Honestly, there are lots of accidentally vegan options in every grocery store and in a growing number of restaurants too. We'll sniff them out so you'll know what's safe to snag when you are out with the gang and they won't make a detour to Mellow Mushroom or Trader Joe's!

Vegan in a Pinch: Chips!

Okay, I know, chips are pretty easy and generally vegan. I mean, plain potato chips are kind of hard to deveganize.  But then there are some sports day staples like Sour Cream an Onion chips that are kind of hard … Read More