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6 Vegan Lunch Recipes To Get You Through!

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Vegan Lunch Recipes

Looking for vegan lunch recipes to get you thru the week?  Not to worry, we've got you covered.  All of these are quick to make.  None of them use any "special" ingredients and most can be made in advance for either quick grab and go convenience or at least quick assembly just before eating.  So, we invite you to peruse our offerings and let us know if they make you as hungry as they made us while we were digging them up.  Oh what a chore it is to taste test recipes for ya'll 😉

Avocado Quesadilla

Vegan Lunch Recipes... Quesadilla

OMG who needs cheese when you've got yumminess like this to put into your quesadilla?  Ya'll know I'm not a huge fan of raw tomatoes but in this quesadilla from Katlin over at The Garden Grazer I never even noticed they were there.  I hate to say it (and if you tell her I'll deny it totally) but my MY MOTHER WAS RIGHT!  The tomatoes really did just make it moist.  The flavors blended well with all the other ingredients and well.. now they are adding their nutritional goodness to my tummy.  Something we like to do with Quesadilla's like these is dip them into some lovely sweet and hot pineapple chipolata salsa. This is my favorite one right here.

Vegan Lunch Recipes... Black Bean Salad

Delicious. Nutritious. Filling... are all words that come to mind when I see this salad.  It's all the good things from a taco salad without any of the unhealthy or cruel bits.  The folks over at HealthierSteps really hit it out of the ballpark with this salad recipe.  We think it stands alone as a meal in and of itself (for lunch or any other time) or could be a delightful side dish.  We'll leave it for you to decide how you devour it.

Loaded Mushroom Portobello Sandwich

Vegan Lunch Recipes... Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

I know I keep saying this but why did I not know about these foods before I was vegan?  I mean, I never would have thought to use a mushroom slab in place of meat on a sandwich.  But why not?  I love mushrooms.  Who doesn't?  And this is a HUGE FREAKING SLAB OF MUSHROOM DELICIOUSNESS!  What was wrong with me?  Thankfully, like that poor fellow who was turned into a neut... "I got bettah"!   Many thanks to Margaret over at The Veggie Primer for reminding us how delicious and versatile mushrooms can be!

Forbidden Rice & Veggie Glow Bowl

Vegan Lunch Recipes... Rice & Veggie Bowl

Are "bowls" a vegan thing?  Honestly, did you ever hear of a "bowl" before you went vegan?  Not that it really matters I guess because they are DELICIOUS!  It's like having a salad or casserole that you get to mix or not mix for yourself.  Wish I'd thought of this when my daughter was small!  What a great way to give kids control over their food while still making sure they get what they need, right?  Anyway, as vegan lunch recipes go, this bowl from Shannon over at The Glowing Fridge is well worth your time to try.  Let us know if your kids like it, will you?

Butternut Squash Soup With Roasted Chickpeas

Vegan Lunch Recipes... Butternut Squash Soup

As my daughter will tell you, lately I've been on a squash kick.  Roasting it, adding it to stuffed mushrooms and peppers, making pasta sauce out of it.  And considering my love of all things soup when she found this recipe for butternut squash soup we just had to include it here.  Cassie over at Vegan Insanity really has come up with a winner this time.  It's simple, fast to make and delicious.  We think the toasted chickpea garnish is "The Bomb!"

Vegan Avocado Chicken And Potato Salad On Rye

Vegan Lunch Recipes... Mock Chicken Salad

I have to admit I never would have thought of putting potatoes on a sandwich but DAMN this really is GOOD!  When my daughter decided we needed to give this particular recipe a try I was totally skeptical but now I'm a convert and I gotta tip my hat to Hanna over at House Vegan for coming up with this deliciousness!  Next, I'm putting it on TOAST for breakfast!

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    Your recipes look really delicious! Will try some of them and let you know how it worked:)

    • Vegan Banana
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      Sweet! We eagerly await your feedback! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 😀

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