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Vegan Makeup Brush Cleaners: A Must Have In Your Cruelty Free Beauty Kit!

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Okay guys and gals, anyone who uses makeup eventually comes to understand the need for vegan makeup brush cleaners.  Who wants to work with a brush full of caked on makeup and who knows what else?  YUCK! That's why we've put together this list of vegan makeup brush cleaners, so that you can be cruelty free and hygienic.  All at once.  What a world we live in 😉

SHANY Detox Professional Brush Cleanser

SHANY seems to have one of the best vegan makeup brush cleaners available.  I've yet to really see a true negative review of it.  It really gets into your brushes and cleans them, even if you've neglected them for awhile.  It'll strip all that caked on makeup off and leave you with a brush that feels like new.  Don't believe me?  Just click on through and read all of those amazon reviews!  

e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner

The e.l.f makeup brush cleaner seems to be similarly amazing.  It's reported to work like a charm, whether you are cleaning up regularly or have forgotten to clean them in... uh, well, lets just say a little to long.  As vegan makeup brush cleaners go, e.l.f has done a good job.  The only thing to note is that there's some conflicting opinions about it's scent.  Some people say it's really mild while some say they found it a little too much. 

Imperial Barber 100% Natural Glycerin Bar Soap

I've heard good things about a simply using a bar of natural (non-animal derived) glycerin soap.  So, as far as vegan makeup brush cleaners go... This is probably the most economical and is going to work pretty great for you guys.  This Imperial Barber soap is all vegetable glycerin without moisturizers (if you use a soap with moisturizers on your vegan brushes, it will stick to the bristles and not soak into the nonporous brush making them sticky in the long run.) so it's perfect for you're makeup brushes!

Sigma Beauty Express Brush Cleaning Mat

And last but not least in our little line up of vegan makeup brush cleaners is the Sigma brush cleaning mat.  It's just a little mat with suction cups that you put into the bottom of your sink when you go to clean your brushes.  You put some soap onto the cleaning area, wet your vegan brushes and then go to town.  I found a nice video here of someone demonstrating it's use!

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  1. Alexa L. Griffin
    | Reply

    Nice make up!! I like it.

  2. cruelty-free makeup
    | Reply

    Very powerful collection thank you so much for the suggestin of these brushes 😉

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      You are very welcome. Let us know your personal experience with any you purchase or already own. That would be very helpful to our readers. Thanks.

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