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A Vegan Mayo Bill? Will It Keep The Government From Plotting Against Vegan Mayo… Again?

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A vegan mayo bill?  Yes believe it or not vegan mayo is back in the news!  Only this time it’s being championed by some very unlikely sources.  The US Congress!

It’s obvious to anyone following the news these days that here in the US there is no love lost between the Democrats and the Republicans in congress.  Luckily vegan mayo seems to be the exception to the rule!  Just check it out…

“In a rare display of bipartisanship, Senator Cory Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, and Senator Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, introduced a bill this week to make sure that federal programs intended to promote the sale of agricultural commodities like eggs, beef and pork don’t break the law by becoming mere extensions of the industries themselves, whether by attacking competitors or attempting to influence public policy.


The new bill, named the Commodity Checkoff Program Improvement Act of 2016, would provide additional oversight to avoid these types of problems. If passed, it will not only clarify what commodity boards can and can’t do, but also it will add transparency requirements to dissuade behavior like the Egg Board’s ((which went to nefarious lengths to kill Hamton Creek’s eggless mayo product)) improper practices. While the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture currently has to approve board budgets, the bill would require those budgets be made public, and that the checkoffs disclose how much money is spent on outside contractors and for what purpose. Checkoffs would also be subject to routine audits by the USDA’s Office of Inspector General.”

It’s refreshing to see any kind of bipartisan action in congress.  And we are incredibly pleased, grateful and gratified that it’s on a subject dear to many vegan hearts… Our Food Supply!  When we hear Senator Booker talking about the need to protect “a dynamic and informed free marketplace” it is music to our ears.  If we can help these Senators get this legislation passed could GMO labeling be on the table, too?

Even more happy making is hearing a Republican like Senator Mike Lee assuring his colleagues… “Food that is healthier and more sustainable should be more affordable and delicious.  Everyone agrees with that central truth.”

Remember folks…  an engaged electorate can effect real change.

As vegans we know how hard it is to stand alone in the face of ridicule and harsh opposition.  Let’s let these Senators know how much we appreciate their efforts on our behalf.  Let them know we want to see them working TOGETHER to solve issues.  Especially issues as important as preventing special interests from keeping vegan foods from going mainstream.

How YOU Can Help The Vegan Mayo Bill!

Please reach out to Senator Booker and Senator Lee and encourage them to keep up the good work.  Then contact your senators and tell them how important it is to you that they support this bill.

Source: This Bill Could Keep the Government From Plotting Against Vegan Mayo Again – Bloomberg

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