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Vegan Meats Make Front Page of Meatingplace Magazine!

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You know we are winning when VEGAN MEATS make the cover and lead story for Meatingplace magazine. For those of you who don't know, this magazine styles itself as the place where “meat and poultry processors and their suppliers come together every day.”

I know, not exactly easy reading for most vegans. But this month's issue (March 2016) made me break out my VEGAN HAPPY DANCE! You see the cover story is all about vegan meats and how they are trending in the marketplace.

The article called, "It Ain't Meat, Babe... Meat alternatives aren't just for vegetarians; increasingly, even meat lovers are looking for protein options." (warning, read at your own discretion, the adds around the article which starts on page 26 are DISGUSTING!) States that...

Vegan Meats... Jackfruit Jerky

"Protein from plants, not animals, is definitely one of the stronger trends," in fact it is one of the top 10 ten food trends for 2016.

And that...

"According to the USDA, per capita red meat consumption in the U.S. fell 15 percent to 101 pounds in 2015."

These meat industry leaders are saying...

"Forget the war between vegetarians and meat eaters; TODAY'S BATTLE IS FOR THE OMINIVORE'S PLATE and, increasingly, those who eat meat are looking to diversify their protein sources."

For example...

"The Protein and the Plate research project showed that 70% of meat eaters are substituting a non-meat protein in a meal at least once a week and 22% are saying they are doing it more often than a year ago."

A hospitality research firm states...

"People want less animal protein and are requesting that veggies are ramped up to their fullest potential. And if a dish happens to be vegetarian or vegan, hey, that's OK," the firm also notes "Millennials love this trend, since there is an environmentally responsible edge to it."

And if that's not enough proof for you check this out...

"If you look at the overall trends - half the population is trying to avoid meat," says the vice president and general manager for General Mills business development and venturing unit John Haugen.

And get this, these new makers of vegan meats have set their sights beyond the vegan and vegetarian communities. For example Patrick Brown of Impossible foods had this to say...

"We are not creating a veggie burger. We're creating meat without using animals."

It should be noted that Bill Gates, who believes that if we are to survive as a species we need to move to plant based foods, found the Impossible Foods idea game changing enough to invest heavily in the project.

Bottom line when the meat industry folks say that the "meat" industry in America needs to become the "protein" industry" How can this not be a HUGE WIN for vegans everywhere?

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