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Love a good vegan meme? We do too. They are fun, often poignant and always have a message that makes folks think. But did you know that sharing vegan memes is a form of vegan activism? You bet your bottom dollar it is!

Often times a vegan meme is the first thing that brings veganism or vegan values to the attention of non-vegans.

They are conversation starters and tools to get people thinking. That's why we are making our vegan memes available for you to both enjoy and share.

Feel free to use them in any creative way you can think of...

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Vegan Meme: Being A Meat Eater Is Expensive… Even If You Don’t Count The Cost Of Chemo!

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Look at this vegan meme, then look at your carnish/meat eating/lion teeth having friends.  Meat IS expensive, as my grandmother pointed out just the other day while going on about bacon.  Not to even mention all of the health problems … Read More