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Vegan News: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found On Pig Farm!

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Vegan News: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found On Pig Farm!

Here’s a bit of terrifying vegan news for you  today.  Yes, antibiotic resistant bacteria or “superbug genes” have been found by researchers from the Ohio State University’s veterinary medicine team on a pig farm.  Here’s what NBC News is reporting…

Researchers have found a rare and frightening superbug gene on a U.S. pig farm and say their discovery suggests raw meat could carry the dangerous germs into the human population.

“It is an extremely rare gene. How it got on this farm, we don’t know,” said Thomas Wittum, chair of the veterinary medicine team at The Ohio State University, who led the study team.

Yes, you read that right, they don’t even know how the antibiotic resistant bacteria or “gene” got onto the farm.  This particular pig farm has been a “closed herd” since the 1960’s.  Because of this they are thinking that the bacteria had to have been imported on equipment or people somehow. Scary right?

The article goes on to say…

The gene is called bla IMP-27 and it gives bacteria the ability to resist the effects of a class of antibiotics called carbapenems.  Carbapenems are considered an antibiotic of last resort, so germs that resist their effects are very difficult to kill.

Worse, this superbug gene is carried on an easily swapped bit of genetic material called a plasmid, and the researchers found it in several different species of bacteria on the farm.  That suggests the bacteria have been passing the gene around.

That last bit there is particularly frightening, at least to us.  It means that this gene is “infecting” (for lack of a better word) lots of different kinds of bacteria.

The worry is that the gene will get into bacteria that infect people. A type of antibiotic-resistant germ called carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, are especially dangerous. If they get into the bloodstream and cause an infection, CRE germs kill half their victims.

Just this summer researchers sounded the alarm about a drug-resistant E. coli sample carrying a gene called mcr-1. It was also carried on a plasmid, and the fear is such an E. coli bacteria with the mcr-1 gene could pass it to another superbug with other mutations — creating a truly super superbug that resists all known antibiotics.

Something similar could potentially happen with the bla IMP-27 gene found at the pig farm. Via nbcnews.com

So the scary vegan news of the day is that we are litterally breeding the antibiotic resistant bacteria that will wipe out the human race right in the food supply!  We don’t know about you but we see this as yet another reason to GO VEGAN and shut down these disgusting pig farms.

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  1. arabella
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    did you know you can find antibiotic resistant bacteria in your own nose?

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      Oh my! I’d love to see your data on that! 😀

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