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Vegan Picnic Recipes For Your Family Cookout!

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Preparing for all those summer picnics coming up?  Fear not, we have you covered with this list of vegan picnic recipes! Even the pickiest omni is sure to like these, from BBQ tempeh sandwiches to "cool ranch" dips... We have you covered from top to bottom on the vegan picnic recipes.  Even the kids will be going "yum!"

Vegan BBQ Tempeh Sandwich

Here we have a delicious sandwich with sweet potatoes, tempeh, and avocado all slathered in a lovely sweet barbecue sauce from The First Mess.  Sounds like an amazing combination to me, sure to be a hit at any picnic.  Either premake and bring these sandwiches in your basket or bring the sauce, bread, and other ingredients separately for people to put together at the picnic table.

Strawberry, Quinoa And Chopped Spinach Salad

What list of vegan picnic recipes would be complete without a yummy salad?  Cookie + Kate has pulled through with a beautiful and fun looking recipe for us to use!  Spinach, quinoa and strawberries tossed together with a dressing that, frankly, sounds as good as the salad itself.  Its sure to be a hit with the kids and adults alike!

Grilled Veggie Kebabs With Creamer Potatoes And Tofu

Talk about a versatile recipe from I Love Vegan!  It's perfect as is, or tweaked to your tastes.  It's got yummy barbecue glaze that even the most rabid Omni will enjoy!  Use their veggie combination or one of your own, it's all up to you with this one.  As it is, mushrooms, zuccini, bell peppers?  Numma!

Healthier Vegan Ambrosia Fruit Salad

Because fruit salads make great sides AND deserts they tend to be popular vegan picnic recipes.  The ladies over at Veganosity sure nailed it with this ambrosia recipe!  Sure, its easy to throw a lot of fruit in a bowl, but the real kicker here is their AMAZING sauce that goes on top (it has POPPY seeds in it.  Yuuum!).

Vegan "Cool Ranch" Dip

And lastly, but certainly not least... A "cool ranch" dip from Fork And Beans!  Because WHAT kind of picnic doesn't have some kind of chip dip?  Either bought or prepared I don't remember a family picnic that didn't have one.  Now, this just for the vegan picnic recipes list... It's for all occasions.  Sally forth with your new vegan ranch dip knowledge and... y'know... eat it all.

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