Depending on where you live, vegan products can be difficult if not down right impossible to find.  Since our goal here at The Vegan Banana is to “Make Vegan Easy” for ya’ll, we have decided to gather all the vegan stuff we find together here in one place.  A “vegan shop” if you will.  Keep your eyes on this space because we’ll be adding new vegan products at least once a week.

Vegan T Shirt Designs, Vegan Since: 2000’s Edition!

Want to show off how long you’ve been vegan?  Did you just go vegan and want to declare it?  These vegan T shirt designs will help you do just that!  Conversation starters, declarations of a proud moment right on your … Read More

5 Vegan Leather Moto Jacket Ideas For The Badass Chick In You!

posted in: Fashion 2

Why let the boys have all the fun?  Sport a vegan leather moto jacket and folks just know you are one “Badass Chick!”  I mean come on… don’t they make anyone look a little dangerous?  You could be a “Pillsbury … Read More

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