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Vegan Salad Recipes To Prove Salad ISN’T Just Lettuce!

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We put together this collection of vegan salad recipes to put to rest once and for all the notion that a salad is a boring meal!  Feel free to direct any pesky non-vegans you know who INSIST that all vegans exist on is leafy green "rabbit food" to this page.  It should shut them right up!  There is no one boring salad here.  Nor is there a single salad that even includes lettuce much less uses it as the base of the dish. 

Not that we have anything against a good lettuce salad, mind you.  We love them and think everyone should eat at least one large serving of raw greens each day.  It's just that, well, it's not all that we eat and are sick of folks pretending that it is.​

High Protein Black Bean And Corn Salad

Our friends over at "Hurry The Food Up" have put together this awesome salad recipe.  It works well as a side but can be a "meal in a bowl" too.  If you use canned beans and corn this salad comes together FAST!  We think this is a good salad recipe to keep in your arsenal because everyone needs a few dishes they can whip up in a hurry with out much prep time.  

Peanut-Sesame Slaw with Soba Noodles

Since we've transitioned to a vegan diet we have come to LOVE peanut dishes.  Why did we never know about these before?  Here's another vegan salad recipe that can come together really fast if you use a bagged slaw mix.  We want to thank Kate from over at CookieandKate for coming up with this scrumptious vegan salad recipe.

Black Bean Lentil Salad with Cumin-Lime Dressing

We've really been into lentils lately and so were really happy to find this black bean and lentil salad that Kaitlin over at "The Garden Grazer" put together.  As ya'll know we are not huge tomato fans so we substituted in diced carrot and found it delicious. My mother however prefers it as is.  When you give this a try please be sure to let us know what additions or changes you make so we all can learn from your experiments 🙂

Easy Curried Carrot Slaw with Smoky Maple Tempeh Triangles

A little sweet, a little spicy... the bold flavors of this dish perfectly compliment one another.  I don't know about you but this salad surprised me a little.  In our family carrots have always been served rather plainly or candied.  So to find the spice in the carrots and the sweet in the tempeh was a delightful surprise.  Many thanks to Kathy over at Healthy Happy Life for broadening our minds and helping us to see carrots in a whole new way.

Five-Minute Super Bean Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Salad

We love a good "refrigerator salad" or meal of any kind and it's refreshing to know we are not alone.  What do I mean by "refrigerator meal" well, it's when you toss what ever veggies you have in your fridge into the dish at hand.  This delightful bean salad by Micheline from The Miniature Moose does just that!  We think it gives everyone permission to mix things up and not be bound by the recipe.  Please let us know what kind of veggies you like best in yours!

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