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Vegan Shoes, Leather Jackets & More Coming Your Way!

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Meow's the Time Heel in Black Dots from ModclothSo, starting now we are going to have a fashion section here on the Vegan Banana! Prepare to pamper yourselves ladies (and gentlemen!), this section is going to be full of faux leather and stylish synthetics.

Whether you’re starting out and don’t know what’s safe to wear, or you’re an experienced vegan lifestylist searching for that special something to make all your friends and family (carnivorous or not) jealous, this is the right section for you.

Simple ideas, marvelous results to make all the meatard’s in your life question for a moment whether or not that’s what they think it is.

Their expressions will be priceless when they realize that jacket isn’t real leather, or those shoes. …Oh, no, that coat ISN’T real wool. …Yeah, those are regular jeans, we aren’t that weird.

We’re going to pull together things from all your favorite stores, Nordstrom’s, Modcloth, Nastygal. …Walmart. Yes, Walmart. Places like this have a lot of options if you know what to look for, some of them are even starting to have specific vegan lines.

So, you just never know what you might find there! There are more options everywhere than you might realize. Most shops don’t understand yet that if they say something is Vegan, or go to a little more effort to provide more products free any kind of animal stuff that it’ll sell quite well.

As a community the Vegan’s are growing, we are EXPANDING and the more we expand the more we demand! And demand drives business. The more we demand the more we’ll get, because that’s where the MONEY IS. So here we’re going to be showing you what options people currently have so that we can DEMAND with our most powerful asset.

Our paychecks!

So, let’s use out monetary vote. …AND BUY SOME SHOES!

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