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KISS Vegan Smoothie Recipes

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KISS Vegan Smoothie RecipesThe trick to a great green vegan smoothie recipe is to use a “keep it simple system” or KISS.  When you have too many things going into your blender all at once you can end up with a mess.

Trust me on this, I know.

When I first got started making green smoothies I was excited and literally AMAZED that a drink filled with salad greens could taste like berries and not grass.

(Yes, I was that girl.  Green smoothies TERRIFIED me.)

So excited by my discovery, I tended to try to fit everything I love into each smoothie.   The more different things you toss in does the opposite of what you think it will do.   It actually dilutes the flavor.  I know that sounds odd, but it’s true.

In the end the result was kinda muddy and none of the flavors had a chance to “Pop” thru.  Ultimately those “kitchen sink smoothies” were not very appealing.

KISS Makes A Yummy Smoothie Recipe EVERY TIME!

Vegan Smoothie Recipe In NutriBulletNow my KISS makes a delicious vegan smoothie recipe every time.  And it will for you too.  Just follow this simple formula.  Here’s how…

  • 1/2 a container of greens
  • 1/4 container of fruit A
  • 1/4 container of fruit B
  • 1 TBSP flax meal OR a few nuts of your choice
  • 1 cup water

I can hear you now… “Half a container, Shelly?  What kind of measurement is that?”

Glad you asked!

In our home smoothies are always made in a NutriBullet.  And the container I’m talking about is the one of the NutriBullet containers.

But any high power blender like a Blendtec or a Vitamix will get the job done. 

They are GREAT blenders, do a HUGE variety of jobs in your kitchen.  And every home where people actually cook instead of heat their food (I’ll rant on my blog about that later) should have one.

But for smoothies the NutriBullet works best for us for three BIG reasons.

    • Cost… The Nutribullet just plain costs less.  When I bought the thing I didn’t even know if I could choke down a green smoothie.  I sure as stuff wasn’t gonna go out and spend the kind of cash needed to buy a Blendtec to find out.


    • Size…  NutriBullet doesn’t take up a huge amount of space on your counter and is easy to transport.  (we got ours while we were doing our annual winter traveling)  Heck, you can even get a “specialized” carry bag for it if you want.


  • Single Servings… The “Pitcher” is single serving sized.  In fact,  call it a “cup” and your smoothie is made right in the cup you’ll drink it out of.

This is a HUGE bonus when you have more than one picky person to please.  I made sure I got one tall cup for each of us so we don’t have to argue about what kind of smoothie we are going to make today.  We each get exactly what we want.

So what we do is fill the cup half way with greens and fill the other half with two different fruits.  Toss in a few nuts and/or flax meal.  Top off with a cup of water and blend it for 30 seconds or so.

POOF!  Perfect smoothies every time!

Now if you want to use a different kind of blender or want to make large quantities of one kind of smoothie for everyone in the family to enjoy it’s no problem.  Just keep the proportions the same and you’ve got it made.

So you remember the KISS proportions are…

  • Half Greens
  • Half Fruit
  • About a Tablespoon of nuts, seeds, flax meal or avocado per serving
  • One cup of water

Vegan Smoothie Recipe Pre-BlendKISS Vegan Smoothie Recipe Tips

Here are some ingredient tips to help you get your vegan smoothie recipe started on the right foot.

    • Creaminess… Banana or Avocado.  Who needs yogurt? Toss a banana in each smoothie to make it creamy.


    • Berries… Nutrition powerhouses.  They can be mixed and still count as one fruit.


    • Greens… spinach and kale have lightest flavor.  Roman lettuce has a STRONG flavor. (Yes it shocked me because I love it in salad so much. In a smoothie it tastes like GRASS!  Honest.)


  • Nutrition… All the goodness in greens is absorbed better by your body when they are eaten with a little fat.  One of the reasons you’ll always find oil or nut butters in salad dressings.  So always toss some seeds, nuts or avocado into your smoothies.  Flax meal is ground flax seeds and is full of healthy Omega 3s and adds very little flavor.

That should be enough to get you experimenting and finding a vegan smoothie recipe to call your favorite.  Just remember KISS and you’ll do fine.  As always, share what you’ve learned with the rest of us so that we can all more easily Kiss Meat Goodbye… One Recipe At A Time!

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