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5 Vegan T Shirt Designs For Men

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Hey guys! Looking for a vegan T shirt?  Prepare yourselves for witty, sassy, snippy, snerky vegan tee's!  We here are the Vegan Banana have been working overtime to get these out here for people to wear.  Display your awesome vegan-ness, educate and amuse those around you!  From simple to complicated explanations, we've got you covered here.  Go ahead, look, wear, enjoy!

Vegan... Evolve Or DIE!

Because lets face it, we either learn and evolve or we die!  Going vegan is no different, especially with all the of the health issues we know are inherent with eating a meat and dairy filled diet!  

Vegan...  Because I Give A Shit.

Whether it's for your own health, the animals, or the environment or ALL of it... You give a shit.  Show how much you care with this vegan T shirt!  It's pretty in pastels to soften the truth bombs you'll be laying on all of the naysayers. 

Vegan... Because I Plan To Outlive You!

Sorry not sorry, guys.  Lets just be honest, no one can really deny the health benefits of a vegan life style anymore. We, on a whole, are going to live longer healthier lives.  Join uuuussss!

The Definition Of Speciesism Tee!

For those of us who want to educate those around us.  This vegan T shirt is a surefire conversation starter with a good bit of thought experiment for the people willing to challenge themselves with it.

I Got 99 Problems And Protein Ain't One

Tired of friends, family... sometimes even COMPLETE strangers questioning your protein intake the moment you say "vegan"?  Well, now all you have to do is point down to your shirt, and if they STILL question you... Just lay in with some serious facts about how much protein a simple serving of broccoli has.

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