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Vegan T Shirt Designs, Vegan Since: 2000’s Edition!

Want to show off how long you've been vegan?  Did you just go vegan and want to declare it?  These vegan T shirt designs will help you do just that!  Conversation starters, declarations of a proud moment right on your chest without the pain and permanence of a tattoo... We got you covered.  Enjoy our Vegan Since: 2000's Edition!

We thought we'd start out with the more recent times for people, but fear not those of you who have been vegan for 20/30/40 years... We're going to be coming out with a 1900's edition too!  Decade by decade, we'll get your year covered.

If you don't see your date represented here fear not!  We've got a lot more years, styles and T shirt colors for you to choose from.  Please go one over to our Vegan Since Gallery and have a look there!

Vegan Since: 2016

Vegan Since: 2010

Vegan Since: 2007

Vegan Since: 2004

Vegan Since: 2000

We here at Vegan Banana hope you like these Vegan T shirts!  If you don't see your date here, please go on over and look at our Vegan Since Gallery here!  And if you want to see even MORE vegan T shirts, we have some men's and women's designs!  Enjoy guys!

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