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Viraltag… A Blogging Tool For Successful Online Vegan Activism

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Viraltag... A Blogging Tool For Successful Online Vegan Activism

What’s Viraltag, a social sharing tool, got to do with blogging much less vegan activism? So glad you asked.

Successful blogging or activism of any kind relies on getting your message in front of as many people as possible. Which means reaching out to them where they spend their time AND when they tend to be there.

Now you can do that by staying up and chatting all night, every night on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Or you can use a social sharing tool like Viraltag to do the heavy lifting of dripping your message out there 24/7 which frees you up to do the fun part… Actually TALKING to people.

Viraltag meets our needs for sharing visuals across our social networks better than any other tool we’ve tried to date. To be clear, we have worked with Buffer, Tailwind and Viraltag for this purpose.

As we’ve already mentioned we’ve auditioned several platforms to help us do this and they all do what they say they will do and for the most part to it well and without too many glitches. For us it comes down to features and price.

Here’s Why We Like Viraltag Best…

It’s BIG & POWERFUL! By that we mean you get lots of profiles and tools for the money. They all work well. They all save you time and make it easier to get your message out there. For example, the “Individual” plan gives you TEN profiles and you can put an UNLIMITED number of posts into your queue.


Viraltag... A Blogging Tool For Successful Online Vegan Activism


To put that into perspective, Buffer’s “Go Big” plan also gives you 10 profiles but limits your queue to 100 posts. Each Tailwind account is for ONE and only one Pinterest account. No other social profiles are supported with Tailwind. And you have to pay a year in advance to get unlimited posts. Monthly plans on Tailwind are limited to 400 posts in the queue.

VERSATILE SCHEDULING! We can’t say enough nice things about the scheduling options available to you with Viraltag!

First, The Queue… You get to set up a queue for each account you use with Viraltag with its own posting schedule. There are no limits on the number of times you can automatically send out posts to your social accounts each day. (other than the posting limits set by the social platforms themselves, of course).

Specific Scheduling… In addition to having a bottomless queue you can tell Viraltag to send out a post “right now” or at a specific scheduled time. This is great for when you just publish a new post or if you NEED to get the word out about something that is happening in real time. Something like a Vegan Meetup or a protest.

Interval Scheduling… This is a feature of the bulk scheduler that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! This will save you so much time it just will make your head spin. Basically, it lets you capture all the images on your post and drip them out to social media one by one with a time delay of your choosing.

Pinterest Board Lists… You’ll be hearing me talk about the power of Pinterest to your activism efforts more and more in the near future but for now just know that you can get your message in front of a HUGE number of people using Pinterest. Board lists let you drip your message (think meme or infographic here) out to a predefined number of Pinterest boards one at a time with a time delay of your choosing between the posts. POWERFUL!


Viraltag Board Lists... A Blogging Tool For Successful Online Vegan Activism


There are other powerful things that Viraltag has, like a built in photo editor with the optimal dimensions for photos for each social sharing site built in as presets. Canva integration and unlimited feeds so you can pull content from sights you follow, like PETA or Mercy For Animals, right into Viraltag for easy sharing. (see the image below). And we’ll be talking about how all these play an important role in successful online vegan activism or at least vegan blogging very soon.


Viraltag Feeds... A Blogging Tool For Successful Online Vegan Activism


There are only 2 drawbacks to Viraltag that we see at this time. One is its lack of a shuffle feature for your queues. Both Tailwind and Buffer let you do this and it IS very helpful. The other is that each pin made using a board list is a new and unique pin instead of a repin. (If you don’t know why that matters don’t worry, we’ll be covering that in detail soon. Watch this space for more info. )

You should know that we have spoken to Viraltag’s customer service (which is EXCELLENT by the way) about both these issues and they assure us that both these items are things they are working on and plan to roll out. Sadly, they do not have a timeframe for adding these features that they are willing to commit to at this time.

Ok, so now you know that by using a social sharing tool for your vegan blogging or online vegan activism efforts you’ll reach more people AND free up your time to actually connect with those people. And you know that we use Viraltag for all Vegan Banana social sharing and why. As always, we wish you the very best with all your advocacy efforts. If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with these social tools please do so in the comments below!

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